carbon stock

Carbon Stock Estimation of Coronation Garden, Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal


Global warming and climate change are the most pressing global issues these days. Deforestation  and  similar  types  of  land  degradation  account  for  up  to  one  quarter  of all  greenhouse  gas  emissions. Kathmandu valley is suffering from the   air pollution. Different parks, gardens and urban green patches in and around Kathmandu  plays  vital  role  in  mitigating environmental  impacts of emission  from burning  fossil  fuel  in Kathmandu  valley by sequestrating carbon in forest biomass from valley‘s atmosphere as  most  part  of  its area  is  located  in  the  valley. As per the basis of this research work it can be said that that the forest has stored 620.078 ton C with average biomass stock of 577.2 ton/ha.  The total CO2 fixed in the plots of forest was found to be 994.7 tonCO2/ha and 2273.62 ton CO2 for the entire forest of the area. The above ground total biomass was 503.7 ton/ha in the contrast 73.5 ton/ha for below ground root biomass. This result is inclusive to the result of the other studies of the Kathmandu area.  The dominant species are Eucalyptus sps. (Masala) Dryobalanops sps. (Kapur) Persian lilac ( Bakaino) Juniperus sps (Dhupi).


this is the case study as the partial fulfillment of the masters second year and you can see the full article at

a case study on the carbon stock estimation of coronation garden tribhuwan university kirtipur kathmandu nepal

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