about: the person who loves to explore new dimension of life

Hellow, everybody, this is KABI RAJ KHATIWADA currently @ MASTERS LEVEL in environmental science @ CENTRAL DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Kirtipur Kathmandu NEPAL. I JUST LOVE traveling new places, reading novel, making friends and enjoy being into the nature and occasionally love to paint.

okay let’s add a bit(2014/oct/04), I am not painting frequently these days (actually I am not painting), I think I have lost the canvas and brushes but where I still don’t know. I am at the mean time doing my masters dissertation on Hydrological modeling using the J2000 model, also being involved to Small Earth Nepal.

Again a bit change(2014/Nov/24), renamed the blog title as Monday blogger ( so I could write more often), before then it was only Kabiraj 🙂

Still traveling towards the nature…….

Update in sept 2016.

Finished my masters, working now in the field of hydrology and climate change. Changed the theme and even the title is now as Affixed memories. Let’s see how it goes. Trying to be more frequent now onwards

feel easy to write me at: kabirajkhatiwada@gmail.com

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