visiting art centre

He: What is your background, it was interesting to meet you.

Me: I am college dropout of fine arts.

He again looked at my face and smiled. To make him feel comfortable I added, actually my mind thought being in Nepal, I cannot make my living with painting only, therefore, I shifted to another subject. If I still had been in the field I might not have graduated but happy for you because you are fresh graduate and you have this interesting concept in these art pieces. Happy to see you. He gave me a smiling look, and wished to meet next time soon. I nodded and left the hall.

Being student of environment science and major interest in water and climate change, I always love nature but at the same time I have good interest at fine art and photography. Yesterday, l visited art exhibition after long time back.

There was solo exhibition of fresh graduate student of Nepal fine art college and he had interesting concept of positivity and negativity in a single painting. Paintings like “hanging out with e=mc2 and lunatic” where he is seen hanging out with Einstein and Laxmi pd Devkota, “toilet flush” where the book on religion is near to be flushed at comot hole, which the artist calls black hole, the one with political leaders of the world making trump and Nepal being lost in the crowd of noises. Likewise, “samumdra manthan” was really interesting because view from near prioritize the demons, while viewing the painting from a bit far distance will prioritize gods in the frame, symbolizing the significance of good and positive input in our life.

It was great to hear the artist Upakar Ghamal, who works with both right and left hands  and had expressed the positive and negative aspects of our life in an interesting way. To show the domination of our father towards children he had used the image of him and of his father watching tv where father was focused in tv with remote control at his hand while the son himself was unfocused and without watch in his hand, the shadow of his father was towards him yet his shirt was bright colored; portraying our youth life being subconsciously controlled by our seniors, especially our father and still we try to give our-self a name.

I enjoyed the show, may be it was pleasant to meet the art and artist after long time interval in my life. Below are some of the photographs from the exhibition and in the first photo Ghamal (wearing white shirt ) himself is describing about his art

Samundra manthan… look deeply to see who is playing major role 🙂
Copy cat, cat copy, black white, white black
The place where we get ultimate satisfaction
Black and white
it took me sometime to figure out what he had written but…
i imagine it would be fun to drink together with a genius and artistic mind
Suddenly now I am feeling as if I am that buffalo in the painting

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