ways to revive deleted webpages/posts

Actually, I was just surfing for no reason. And when you have no reason to do anything something good or bad can happen. It was the incident of some months back. I had accidentally deleted some of my WordPress blogs, and believe me, it was my mistake. I was just trying to get familiarize with the WordPress app and I accidentally deleted some of the posts. And even from the trash.

I revived my old post on Changu Narayan by one of the following ways 

If you have deleted your post from your WordPress blog then don’t worry, mostly it remains in the trash.  Did you find where the trash is located?

Oh here is the trash go and find it if you really need it

You can also try http://your-blog-name.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=post-id (we don’t usually remember our blog post id, (at least I don’t )  so just paste as it is to see all the posts.

If accidentally delete from trash also then what ??? Don’t worry interest is watching us what we are doing, and what we are typing in this digital world.


Here are some of the ways to revive back any contents of the website. I just posted the cache version of the Changu Narayan which was an old post. These ideas are gathered from my personal experience of bringing back the deleted posts.

First, try google cache files

Just type cache:your-blog-name.com (.com is just for example ) in Google search engine.


You can get the same result by trying in the website CachedView: Google Cached Pages of Any Website

Or just type the title and search for cache pages as shown in the fig below


Try way back machine 

Google just keeps the newest version of your website while Archive.org  keeps older versions of the same website. You can just choose between the years and dates, it’s an awesome archive. awq



There is the high probability of finding your old copy in Archive. And still, if you are not able to get the old deleted page search it in your local machine’s browsers cache storage place. If you do not frequently clean your old files in the computer then there is a high chance that you can get there. And if there is not, all I can say at the moment is you better have kept the copy somewhere on your computer.

It’s true that our activities, our texts are being documented somewhere, even our calls texts, videos and these web pages, it’s kind of being spied but let’s say this is a good spy for this time :). Some other information on finding old webpages is shown on  this site also. So, write cautiously and search cautiously you will get almost everything you are searching for 🙂


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