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If you are foreigner, laying on the open grassland or in the mandap area, near the temple, then people will call you that s/he is meditating but if you are local (resident near to that area), then people do not hesitate to tell you a drunkard; who drank excessively and just laying there, for not being able to walk properly.

This is what we faced. I was near to the temple for some household chores. There was open space; may be the broken mandap; may be the place for Vishnu statue. And two of the foreigners (maybe couple; enjoying Nepal :)) were just lying and enjoying the warm sun in this cold winter. By the way, these days  Kathmandu is really cold, on Monday it had dropped below O*C. As a human nature of following other,  we just followed them. We also thought to enjoy the sun in this cold weather. I had my little brother with me. I was enjoying the sound of the people and ringing bells of the temple then I happen to take the power nap, which I enjoyed very much.

As I opened my eyes, those couples were taking photographs of the temple, my brother was busy with his phone. Then, as I was stretching my muscles, the little brother said to me, “did you just notice! those two women were looking at you so suspiciously as if you are a drunken person lying on the mandap”.  I just smiled at him “khairey sutey meditation huney nepali sutey jadya huney hait”. From the corner of the temple, two policemen were watching all our activities.

Nepal marked Earthquake Safety Day this week. We faced massive earthquake in 2015 but the physical situation of the infrastructure today is almost same as it was a couple of weeks after the earthquake. I still remember the aftershocks that occurred while I was bathing. Physically, nothing restoration approach has been launched and implemented. Though it has been nearly 24 months of the earthquake and we are not feeling any major aftershocks these days. People are still in the tent, some people were able to make their home with their own effort. But most of the people are still in the rubble. I personally believe the process should go in super fast and furious way but who cares!! the poor are still in the hut, No one is able to hear their voice. The rich are busy for no reason. Who cares these cultural heritages! Are you telling about government, Are they still there! They just inaugurated some of the infrastructures and just vanished! Who cares I have earned my monthly salary, clicked some random photo, with iPhone and have a good home to stay happy.

By the way, I am still jobless and moneyless. I was just tryjng to satire those political leaders. I think my cv of failure will be much longer. I almost forgot to tell you the main thing, Changu Narayan is said to be the oldest temple in Nepal. The temple lies in the northeast corner of the Kathmandu Valley and offers the mesmerizing view of the valley. It is famous for its unique location, sculptures, and architectures. The first epigraphic evidence dating back to 464 A.D. shows that Changu Narayan was established in around 3rd century A.D. Ah, there is also the statue which you can see in NRs 10 note 🙂

Changu Narayan
Is the temple still erect !!
Changu Narayan
Great architectures are lying randomly
Changu Narayan
Compare it with your NRs 100 note
Changu Narayan
Carvings at the door
Changu Narayan
View valley
Chnagu Narayan
Smileeeee Click 🙂
Changu Narayan
I am sad why did not you take my photo 😦
Changu Narayan
Pillars, temple, and our heritages

Happy thursday 🙂


      1. Community is worshiping in the temple and keeping it neat and clean for the regular flow of the tourist and pilgrimage. At least it is not neglected and ignored. Community are doing their best from their level.

      2. most of the NGO are working for the betterment of the livelihood which obviously comes first. Some NGO are struggling themself and fund from INGOs are mainstreamed by the government. Beside that Changu Narayan area is classified as one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley, so it may have to follow certain norms.

      3. I honestly think that the citizens of Nepal are between a rock and a hard place regarding sites like this. Tell me, what is more important to Nepali citizens: Changu Narayan temple, or the homes of people in Dhading, Langtang, Sindupalchowk. Many of the people of these villages are still homeless, the Nepali government in corrupt and incompetent. UNESCO has its head in the clouds as usual and should focus on people first, not buildings or temples. Their motto seems to be “to hell with the people only buildings matter” How do I know? I have a nephew still sleeping in his car at night and under a tarp during the day!

      4. That sounds awful. I had no idea it was still that bad over there. I was talking about the monument because this post was about it. But of course nothing is more important than human life. However, my point was, raising this issue to an international level may attract a lot of attention on the site and may spur the govt. as well as the UNESCO into action to avert negative publicity.

      5. Pradita, your humanitarian concern is commendable and I thank you for it. Yes, the post was about the monument and was very well written. But the response of the earthquake victims has been criminal and a complete breach of human rights. But the UN are much more concerned with trying to prosecute ONE British soldier who shot dead a Taliban terrorist. But this is why Trump won in America and the Brexit result in UK. Ordinary people all over the world are fed up of government lies, corruption, self interest, and bureaucracy. The whole world needs change and if the Nepali people won’t or can’t do it we in the West WILL. We will help nepal !

      6. Thank you. I think what we in the West or the West of Nepal can do is highlight this issue and attract attention. Maybe that can help in some way, no matter how minor.

      7. Pradita, go to my blog and read my three articles in sequence about Nepal’s education system. I have been raising this for 10 years and got nowhere. They are silent cowards and nothing will improve until the people of Nepal rise up as the people of England did 300 years ago. We had to fight for our democratic freedoms which many people choose to forget or ignore.

  1. Some good pictures of Changu Narayan which as a foreigner with a nepali wife I have visited many times. But as a foreigner I know it is almost impossible to visit a temple in Nepal and be allowed to meditate peacefully. The norm is to be surrounded by beggars or by people who want to sell me a chess set, a singing bowl, a Buddha, a wooden box, …. and who will just not allow you any peace at all. Then there are the taxi drivers, the peddlers of hashish, and worse. But they all vanish when my wife explodes in Newari, her protection is priceless!

  2. lucky you to have Nepali wife; In lots of the places tourist gets difficulties for no reason, some minds still think that tourist are dollar machine ready to drop money… I went to that temple after really long time and happy to see the less flow of people and it was peaceful.



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