you have got the mail

I am feeling so sorry for myself and for my stupid act. I have two stories to share with you at the moment.

Before that lets suppose, you are well known professor and you have lots of projects in your hand and lots of people respect you for your good work in the field of natural science. In some random event, some asshole comes and without even introducing himself, tells you that he had seen you in the website, got interested in one of the projects, emailed you and which you did not reply. How do you feel for his way of approach?

I feel bad for myself for my bad approach with people and it happened so spontaneously that even my mind did not calculated all these things at that time. Actually, what happened is, it was tea time in one of the popular conference related to water and mountain. On the corner of the room, some young people were hanging around old professor. I approached near to the crowd, just to see whats going on there. Saw a familiar name tag; my mind tickled, wow! I know this man. I became so hopeful to talk to this person further. I had followed his some works and was excited to work under his projects or even enroll in phd program. I had written him emails about my intention of enrolling in phd if there is any possibilities. We keep hope with the ones whom we love. I loved his works, projects and wished to part but I never get the reply. My hope flied away. When I saw this name, my mind just did not calculate the ethics.

I just tried to enter in the circle, heard what they were talking about. It was not so concrete discussion. It was like the discussion of weather outside the door. After some youth left, I just told him that its my fortunate to see him live and talk to him. Told him that I was following his website, he is doing  great works and without leaving a moment of silence, I just told him that I had even emailed him which he never replied.

Later, I realized I could have talked to him in the another way. I could have talked him about weather, then works, and then other topics and more. But I suddenly jumped into the issue of not replying my mail. Later I realized who the fuck I am to get the reply. There may be thousands of people who are trying to approach persons like him, me just a little asshole. It was the incident of the first day and first hour, after that we saw each other couple of times. But neither we shared smiles nor we talked to each-other. Later, I thought I should have told him that I am sorry for so rude style of talking with him. I tried to talk to him but this time I could not enter into his enigma of personality and power. I also don’t have willpower to write him again this time. I just felt sorry for myself.

On that same day, my friend R. had nearly missed her presentation. According to her it was also due to e-mail. The schedule of the event had been emailed.  She just did not open the attachment and just thought it might be as of before. And in new e-mail, there was all new schedule with different time of presentation than the draft which was shared. My timing was also changed but I had planned to stay in the whole event so it didn’t affected to me although I had not read in detail all the attachments.

As conference started I did not see my friend R. who had her presentation nearly after an hour. I thought to give her a call just in case if there is any emergency. Hearing my voice and the timing she got dazed, she was enjoying her office hour.  But finally she was able to be in the conference hall some minutes before her presentation. She nearly took the wrong route while being in hurry. But at the end she did her best and the presentation went on good, It was about water and climate change issue in Salyantar village; She got applause, no one knew that she was late :). It is her smartness and strong willpower that she could make it but if there had been any other person they could have missed it. Anyway R. you are awesome :).

The event was  International Conference on Mountain Hydrology and Meteorology for the Sustainable Development (10-11 April, 2017) organized by Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists (SOHAM-Nepal). It was wonderful event.  I gave presentation on the understanding the hydro climatic variability and its impact on hydrology of karnali basin using hydrological modelling approach.

How can I tell more about emails and our behavior. We just ignore some emails while we take hours just to reply for one simple email. We take hours just to make sure that there is not a simple mistake as comma in sentence but for some emails we just dump it. Let’s forget it, here are some photos on the event.

I had really forgot to click the photos, it was just before the closing ceremony of the event.
The program hall of radission hotel was awesome. AC was moderately low for some people. For me I felt like sitting on this chair for hours 🙂





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