airport waste crash

I just came home, it was tiresome day. Don’t ask me the reason for being tired. Before going to bed, I was just going through the major news of the day. This interesting news of leopard being spotted on the runway of Tribhuwan International Airport this morning caught my attention. You can follow the news, here is the link.  I am still wondering how did the animal reached there, in that sensitive place and what does it reflects. My mind asked for answer but…..

We can still remember the story of the crow and other birds hitting the plane some years back. At the present context, I am not going through much of the background information but if I am correct last year (in 2016), a plane was forced to make an emergency landing when a bird struck its right wing. Also, I think 19 people were killed in 2012 when an aircraft hit a bird and crashed shortly after taking off from the airport.

I am wondering if it is common, why are there so much of birds and animals near to such a sensitive area of International Airport. Does it signifies that Nepal is naturally beautiful therefore you can encounter natural birds, animals at any place and time. 🙂 I think that is not what the word natural was meant to be.

I live near to Airport, Let’s look at it in google earth.  As I was walking near the forest of TIA. I mean the forest you are seeing near to the airport is of/near to the Pashuptinath temple. 


This forest is not that dense and not much diverse. I wouldn’t be surprised if monkey had come there but that was actually wild cat. I wonder how, these wild animals are frequently entering the center of Kathmandu valley. Many research are being done for the analysis of human-wildlife interactions/conflict in the Kathmandu valley. May be they are coming to Kathmandu in search of better food, may be their habitat is destructed, may be they are just hanging around :). And lots of other may be….

At this time, I am more concerned with the birds, especially large scavengers birds that are hovering near to the airport. Have you noticed the waste collection site near to airport in above image. Though it is small, it can attract lots of birds and since it is so near to the runway there can be further more incidents related to birds and aviation.  This is the only one that I saw and noticed recently, there may be other many such waste collection sites which are running smoothly.

I walked along that way few weeks back and these photos were taken at that time. But I still wonder which country has sites related to waste so near to the airport -an international airport. It is the source of the pollution and attraction point for lots of birds and even some animals. As birds and animals don’t care about human made boundary, this place is worth some meters to the runway. Wow!! perfect place to take the nap after some food in the pile of human made waste 🙂



At this time, it may be just a site for simple collection of waste but I believe no one has till now considered its environmental effect, or even its long term consequences. I just passed through the way, but the pollution may be even worse and may have even affected the food chain. One small animal or bird may be indirectly attracting more birds and animals creating more chaos near to the international airport leading it to be the habitat/source of food to many species of birds and animals.

But who cares, if incidents happen, there is always someone to be blamed. And blame those birds and animals, an easy way to escape.  But we never do realize that, we are the one who are growing them up; feeding them up in wrong time and wrong place and wrong way. We are just neglecting the simple understanding of the facts: why are they here? why/ what do they eat? how they got there? what does it signifies ? does it has any message about the community/ecology? Oh forget it. I just got the message at my phone.

Edit 1: That animal which was seen in the airport was not leopard but wild cat species. Here is the news one friend sent it to me. Also the news was of yesterday, but I just read it :)(


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