songs on the road

Sometimes we accidentally find lovely songs. I am here sharing you some of the songs that I stumbled up randomly and they are awesome.

Believe me! when I had listened to this music at some shops in the Thamel area for the first time, I had been intruded. I came back home and searched for this song immediately. I don’t know how many of you have been to these type of situation. Just listening to some random songs at random place and searching that song in the web after being in home.


I still remember me and my friend N. were watching a documentary movie. We both liked one background song, we came home, been online and searched for that particular song but nearly after an hour we became hopeless, we had tried to memorize the lyrics and even the name of the artist shown at the end of the movie but it became useless. Sometimes it happens but most of the time we get the one we are searching.

Some movies have such beautiful songs in background. Yesterday while watching midnight in Paris, I found this interesting song.

I usually prefer to listen to radio when I am free and I came to these songs while listening to some radio some days back.

Though I am not great fan of hindi songs but these hindi songs were also quite captivating. May be, it attracted me because we had to listen to same songs over and over for nearly a month in the vehicle while traveling during field but believe me, there were lots of other songs in the track. They just escaped from the mind and I don’t know why today I felt like searching these songs and eventually  writing this blog about loving and singing some random songs in the mind.


It’s personal preferences which song to listen to and even when and how.  I still remember listening to some some Latin and Cubian songs in the dance floor but I couldn’t find the exact song. Sometimes it feels really wonderful and good; listening to the songs where we do not understand the lyrics but the music just captivates us. May be for that reason people call music has no boundary.

Before ending this I have a suggestion for you.

Oh wait!!!

Is there any song, that you listened somewhere- in any random place, that it clicked so much on your mind that you searched it in the internet and played it in continuous loop?






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