getting older

If we walk in the dark room freely for some minutes; we feel better, we get an interesting feeling as if we got the night vision but once our body hit some objects, especially when that little finger of the foot get punched by sharp object then we can feel the life. My days are becoming unexpected and with lots of ups- downs, and mostly downs. Its exactly 9 past 35 pm and I am planning to remember my last month. Ok lets summarize this in ten points.

My health got real bad: And here bad means real bad. Firstly, one of my nose started to block, it was airway obstruction and it randomly shifted to different nostrils, I visited the doctor and he said, its the DNS and spur formation. How does it happen?. He could not answer me, or lets say I am not satisfied with the answer. I later knew DNS means Deviated Nasal Septum and it is the deviation of the nasal bone which divides the nose into two nostrils. I was not punched by anybody but also the bone deviated, and its bad. For some days it was really difficult for me even to breath. The doctors said the permanent solution is operation, but suggested me to do only if it disturbed a lot. Surgery for nose, i can’t imagine; but Oh god! I could not resist. Neither could I breath with both the nose easily. I was breathing with one nose and I was suffocating.

Ayurveda: Then I followed ayurvedic doctor. Ayurvedic is the traditional Hindu system of medicine with historical roots on Vedas and which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. It uses herbal treatment and yogic activities. There the doctor was young with enthusiasm. He changed my perspective and suggested me to take some medicines and it was due to narrowing of blood vessels usually due to mucus and cold infection. I started taking ayurvedic medicine, frankly speaking it didn’t heal quickly but finally after nearly three month now my both nose can feel the fresh air. Thanks to ayurveda.

Anal fissure: As I was recovering I got problem while sitting for toilet, I felt pain in the anus. For this also I went to Ayurveda in the hope of getting some medicine but this time I had to do surgery. According to the doctor the method is a bit different in Allopathic and Ayurveda but the concept of treatment is same for all the anal problems: the surgery. The surgery was minor (took nearly 20 minutes) but the pain oh!! God it was really painful. I had to take rest for some days. By the way the doctors were different for each cases.

Feeling sexy: As you are a male doctor, don’t the female or girl patients feels awkward showing all their genital parts.
No, these days the girls are superwomen. These girls hurry to take their dress off once they are here.
I don’t know he did tell me to cheer me up or it is the fact but we had interesting offbeat conversation while the doctor was cleaning my fissure and at the same time also distracting me from the local pain. I remembered one of the talk given by Amy Jo Goddard about sexuality and her message to talk about sex and sexuality in meaningful and open way. But I still don’t have courage to ask something sexy to a sexy girl.

Recovery:  As I was recovering from pain, I was searching for some job or some research oriented work but instead of long term job I got a chance for the field trip towards the western and far western part of Nepal. I had not been to Far Western part of Nepal so I thought it as good chance to explore the far western part of Nepal and then I backpacked and walked on. It was exactly 23 days of travel towards the different parts of far and mid western part of Nepal and it was wonderful. I will be sharing about my experience of different districts in days to come.

Macro-invertebrates: Me and other three of us were basically collecting the different macro-invertebrates from the different rivers. And this travel to far and western part of nepal and collecting  different macro-invertebrates was wonderful experience. All those little life were awesome, different habitat, their niche and livelihood, something to look further. These seemingly small and neglected benthos are the bio-indicator that tells about the health of the river, lake or any aquatic life. This travel and study is supervised by Dr. R. and we were basically observing and collecting these little creatures -who spend their life in rivers, to understand the river ecology and further explain about the possible dimensions of damming in the river ecology.

Pinched my little finger in leg: Travel is great learning, exploring the hidden dimension, understanding the livelihood, watching the culture and backpacked for a reason. This time the travel was for a reason; to collect macro-invertebrates and it was great learning. Sometimes I wish, somebody please fund me to travel to the world. I can write about it for you or take some cool pictures.  But now I am back in the room, filled up with my anxiety and unable to do something concrete in life. It’s becoming complicated, now life is being crumbled in the dark room.

Irregularity: I thought to make my blog regular but sorry to my friends, all my virtual friends, i could not make it for nearly more than a month. It would be better if I had not made promise.

Oh !!! what time it is? Did i reached ten points, oh forget it I was just trying to summarize up the things. Enjoy


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    1. This time I traveled to nearly 11 districts in western part of Nepal. Started with Dadeldhura, and traveled to interesting places like Doti, Achham, Bajhang, Bajhura, Baitadi, Jajarkot. Found they are developed than what i had expected. I had travelled to Humla nearly year back. I wrote some of my experience in and

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