Dhampus, Australian Camp, and

Ah, it’s Thursday and I have told myself that I will be writing, at least every Thursday. Planning to write about my short trek. But still, I don’t know, should I be writing about my travel to Dhampus and Australian Camp or not! Why should I write about Australian Camp when the hotel owners asked for so expensive rates even though we were Nepali. Why should I promote a place where the hotels are targeted for the foreign tourist (target in the sense of money only, IDK about the facilities) where they gave us the least priority. Maybe we were in the wrong timing but it is not that far (around 1-hour drive) from the major city Pokhara. From Australian Camp, we climbed downhill to Kande (nearly 1 hour) just to have our lunch. After having our breakfast at Dhampus we had walked along the jungle and planned to have our lunch at this place but… Then why to write about that place!!!.

Yes, I agree that Australian Camp offers one of the best stunning views of the Annapurna mountain range, Pokhara valley,  spectacular hills, and mountains but nearby Dhampus area is not that bad. Annapurna Camp lies just around one hour hike from Dhampus. Shall I write about Dhampus? Dhampus !!! What to write about that beautiful place? How can I say beautiful to that? Can I say beautiful only by reflecting on the place/area where we stayed?  People go by bus in the evening, stay in the room, drink hard and return after breakfast; how to write/tell about that.

Actually, we started our trek from Phedi (less than an hour drive from Pokhara) and reached Dhampus in around three hours. Stayed a night at Dhampus and moved to Australian Camp. The trek is easy, short hill walk along the terraces but it is rewarding with the wonderful view of Pokhara valley and majestic mountains in the background. We stayed in Round View Hotel which provided the great view in 360 degrees but that tree. How can I forget about that? I know that tree in the hotel will provide great shade during summer and even in day time. But why to write about that tree when we had to go to another hotel (actually we were searching for the best spot to make the video of sunrise ) to capture the first sunrise of the year 2017.

Dhampus, Australian Camp is considered to be the easiest trekking place. It is best for the first time trekker who cannot walk much. It’s the place of warm-hearted and hospitable Gurung People, slate roofed house. It is one of the best places for the mountain scenery and ethnic culture within a short time. It is good place to see the sun going down or up ;}

Personally, I thought Dhampus is slowly being crowded by the concrete but we were lucky we were able to sit in the countryside and feel the nature and culture. How to write about that; those houses, those cultures. On our trekking, we were able to find the place to take the best photo of nature, the grassland to play the game and have fun, hear the music of birds in the rhododendron forest, the place to dance and show our crazy moves, the place to sit quietly and count which bird is singing and for how much time. Oh shit, I remembered all those plastics, especially noodles and chocolate wrappers thrown randomly on the trekking route from Dhampus to Australian Camp. Look I was trying to concentrate on writing about the best part of the trek but those wrappers and plastic bottles disturbed my mental image of the area. How can I write about that travel?

Oh it’s nearly half of the page and still not sure should I publish it, what did I write!  What’s the take-home message? Did I write anything? Can I say Dhampus and Australian Camp are wonderful to hike for short travel and enjoy the mood? Sometimes journey becomes more beautiful than the destination itself but believe me! Stay in Dhampus or Australian Camp and You will surely like it and It will be memorable. Oh, actually for the next time I want to take a tent with me and do camping in kharka of Australian Camp and see the setting sun, watch stars at night and capture the rising sun. (i just knew it can be fun at that place) WoW, I am getting excited for the next travel to that place. Ah!! but what about to this scratch of feelings! Should I be clicking the publish button? Oh, I will attach some photos. Ok done:

Photographers in action
Small house and small we
Small burning flame getting ready to show face to us
I have a little home
The clouds are just increasing her beauty
I couldn’t manage the caption title for this
Polaroid CUBE
I don’t wanna miss any angle
the neglected folds of a huge blanket
I am thinking to ……… oh sorry I got lost …… what
Trying to catch the majestic view
Some moments captured some got embedded in the mind

Especial thanks to N, K, J, P, D for everything…..


3 thoughts on “Dhampus, Australian Camp, and

  1. Nice post Kabiraj, I have done this trek into The Sanctuary three times now, but these places are nor real villages like Namche or Pheriche or Dingboche. They have grown purely for tourists so are priced accordingly.

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