GOLDSTAR- a Nepali brand

Goldstar- the Nepali brand worth trusting and with the good recommendation from the users.

I am writing this, not because I am Nepali and trying to promote a Nepali Brand. I have used other international brands and clearly confirmed that Goldstar is one of the best options in the market.


My Goldstar shoes playing hide and seek with Machhepuchre mountain in Pokhara, ohh! the view was from Dhampus area

I suggest you, to try wearing Goldstar shoes because of the following reasons.

It’s super cheap: Similar type of shoes may cost you NRs 3000 -NRs 4000 but it is available in less than NRs 1000.

It is comfortable: Most of the Nepali brands are not comfortable so, even Nepali thinks twice to use Nepali brands but believe me, this Nepali brand: Goldstar is super comfortable.

Can tolerate different weather: Nepal has a high temperature during summer and chilling cold in winter, how can we miss the rainfall that can continue for a week or the pleasant spring season. And This made in Nepal brand is best for all the seasons.

It has reputation for lasting long: It is one of the best reason why most of the people buy this Nepali brand. It has established itself as the brand with good comfort and durability. During the Maoist conflict time in Nepal, it is said that most of the activist used to wear this brand. It is because they have to travel really long distance in difficult terrain and harsh topography. And Goldstar is the best option, being super cheap and super comfortable. There are also the rumors, during that time, most of the Maoist commanders used to wear this brand. And also, in many parts of the country it was difficult to buy this shoe because of its shortage in the market. It has high demand and high use.


Goldstar shoes took me to that height to view the crowded city Kathmandu, the view was from the Nagarjuna forest

The people in the different parts of Nepal still enjoy this brand. The only cause for the people (especially youth ) hesitated wearing it because of its classic look.

But now Goldstar has redefined itself into the market. It has come back from its traditional dark conservative style to new modern colorful, stylish and even sporty looks. And it has now more variety of size and outfit style. It’s preferable in going for exercise, hiking, and local travel. I still don’t suggest wearing it and going to Everest, maybe one day it will be great as that 🙂

I think Goldstar shoes came in the market in the 90s. Now, it is able to take the market due to its genuine materials and modern technology. I came to know that Goldstar exports premium quality shoes to India and other countries (which countries are included in other countries I don’t know). If you want to see more of the products of Goldstar shoes visit their page at Facebook, twitter  or Instagram. I have been wearing it, and some of my friends also wear it regularly and are great supporter of Goldstar shoes.

Goldstar is genuinely Nepali, let’s wear this shoe.

Did it hit your mind !!!.. Want to buy it!!!..  It is available in online stores like or

Are you still here. Looking for more.  Want to see some more photos, variety of the shoe then please check /Made in Nepal and also Made in Nepal

Let’s promote Nepali product; Made in Nepal, let’s wear Goldstar 🙂  Happy walking 🙂


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