Jobless boy

Days are being penniless.

Actually I thought, soon it will be good. I will get the job, I will have some money I will work in my research interest but fuck, it became a dream a sweet dream. Day before yesterday I got a good dialogue, he had such a ambition, where the hell did he go! did he reach mrica!. I felt pity on myself, then I thought of myself, there are someone watching at me secretly. I have to do, I am intending but I am not getting anything. No job, no involvements, no money and not even girlfriend haha

Attended two interesting meeting this week. One whom I followed and next who followed me, I mean S. found me on the internet. It was inspiring to met the person who had expected to meet with me. S. had imagined that I was aged person with lots of wisdom teeth but but I am still growing tree.; however i learned something from S. Interestingly, got chance to attend the presentation that S. was giving. S. was speaking great words for others but personally i just felt everybody gets nervous and its only the matter who does handle which way. S. is back to home country now and I will just remember S. for dedication towards the work and passion to work in this underdeveloped country. Hope this work will pay for S….. Another I met was D. D. gave me lots of lessons and in one sentence suggested me to be alive. Just watch, and be connected. Also, D. said that, it does not matter whom you know, it’s really important who knows you and how does they know you. Ah! thank you so much D. for the words and meeting after really long time back.

i will be watching

The boy watching other people playing by managing himself in the hole created in the wires by breaking the inter-linkages. It was the incident near to the eastern side of airport, and near to Gothatar area. In this area lots of local people gather to play football and for other recreational activities

I don’t know how the days will be going on onward, i have been watching the horizon. I don’t know there is something or not for me.

Photo was taken in the Ramechap district and it was some month back

A great wishes for this new year 2017 to all my WordPress friends. Enjoy life 😉


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