perplexed future


Stuck somewhere
In the middle of nowhere
I think I have lost my tracks
I think I have lost my path and it was for no reason
I am not able to move ahead
I think I did nothing and will be doing nothing
And why !! still confused  !!


These photos are taken from bridge of Jadibuti, near Koteshor Kathmandu Nepal. Though the large sized buses have been introduced in the roads of Kathmandu, the traffic of Kathmandu has not improved any bit. Everyone is busy on their own vehicle, everyone is running like its a deadline time, everyone has a car but except of drivers’ all the other seats are empty, some public buses are heavily loaded, bikes are honking their sound everywhere .

I am just watching the white and red color and thinking about the perplexed future, just wondering which color will be dominant in the year 2017


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