Dodhara Chandani Bridge


I was wrong I just thought that this bridge links Nepal and India at the far-western part of Nepal. But there are two other villages on the other side of bride and then only we can reach India.

This Dodhara Chandani Bridge is actually a sequence of four suspension bridges with eight pylons. The landscape from and of the bridge is really beautiful. And it is interesting that the bridge is loaded with lots of local people and bikes almost all the time.


Though it has lots of potential to be one of the rich tourist destination, it seems unmanaged and ignored by the local community and the government. I wish I could start some beach restaurant or beach volleyball or evening cafe, it would really be leader in the market.


The trucks goes to Chandani, Dodhara and India by this way but still wondering how does bus goes to India.

Want to know more do visit Dodhara Chandani Bridge and get the answer yourself. :). It will also promote the tourism.


Though you were busy tweeting to your girlfriend 😛 and lots of work at home. You managed to take me to this famous place. Once again thank you so much V.


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