a story of a hole

Set your eye on the target,

Close your eyes,

Start walking…

If you reach the target your all the wish will be fulfilled

If not your success in life is quenched

Oh!!! the best part in it is, you have multiple chances

BOOOM !!!  your life is decided by the hole :_)

We actually do not need great things to be happy. Some small acts can change our ideology and behavior. I was just wondering around. But this small hole and the hope towards it, caught my eye.


If you are going to   Guheshori Temple  from Pashupati Nath Temple  area by  the stairs then you can definitely see this hole on you left. Its a simple hole. Nope! its a powerful hole with huge power. For me it’s  actually its a hole, I don’t know what is inside it.


A hole with some powerful stigma and story. If you put your finger correctly into the hole after walking straight with eyes closed from certain distance (from one side to other side of the wall shown in image) with certain wish then, your wish will be fulfilled. Its like a place to check whether your desired work will be fulfilled or nor. And also it signifies that you have a significant, fruitful life or not.

For me it was like a game of child. If put your hand inside the hole you will get chocolate or else slap :P. But no wait! its a damn serious business :).


Frankly speaking I get fear if snake or any poisonous insect is inside that hole and if it came. Who knows !!!!


The presence of sadhu and small shop also fascinated me. If you put your little finger inside a hole. Either you can success or fail. Either you can be happy or sad. You can buy something to cherish the happy moment or beg forgiveness from god by giving some amount to sadhu. These two are perfect social mind hackers.


Oh!!! she is such a lucky girl. If you are travelling with your family and your family is a strong believer then you have got the social pressure, you have to do it. Or your family and community got something, some reason to talk about you, for week or for months. But if its you only, then damn care who cares, its just a hole and just a children’s  game, but oh no!! the result can can get stuck in your mind. BOOM, your mind is infected :).


Someone is watching you and your deeds. So be good to yourself :).

These stories always fascinates me, if you put your fingers inside a hole then your life become worth and precious. If you put your backbone perfectly in a stone then all your spinal cord and butt related pain will be gone.  If you touch your hair in a stone then your hair will grow stronger and silkier.


Yipeeeeeeee 😉



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