academics shouting in the twitter

Actually I am  vivid reader of the blog or any stuff. But paradox part is I just surf. And you may know while surfing you are just touching the water level, only few splashes of water may touches your body and soul.

On the boring night  I was just surfing, surfing for no reason, no reason to find anything interesting. I read some offline messages, it was all about silly chitchat. Online posts were just some hiccups of the mind.

Interestingly I got the link to the I’m a serious academic, not a professional Instagrammer…. by guardian. At the moment I am not a serious academic nor a Instagrammer but the topic intruded  my mind for no reason. These days I am following more into the twitter than in facebook. Facebook offline message is fabulous while twitter trending are awesome.  And the popular  hashtag as  #ScholarSunday,  #seriousacademic, #FollowFriday use to roam in my desktop, Occasionally I used to jump into them. And Guardians this article had aroused some spatter among some of the socially active scientists.

Most of all , actually not all but some of the socially active young researcher/scientist/tending to be scientists/active  professional/ tending to be professionals are just doing Humblebrag.  Its like the kind of post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter that tells the world how great their life is, just brag—humble or otherwise—.  It made me think are we really bragging our work or our life in the virtual world, are they really just bragging , just bragging for no reason ????? Usually we common people post about common daily chitchats, our common conversations, feelings but on the flip side of the coin (which they are not actually ) lets talk about scientists, do they share their facts and figures. If yes why and if not why!!!

I know its not all about someone maundering on about how they’re a serious academic but some time it comes with the pay. Sometimes, You have to show that you are doing work and tweeting, or posting photos on instagram is just to show that you are actively participating in the event. Just to show off that if someone intellectual professional academic is just watching you over, thinking to hire someone. May be, may be not but lets stay safe, lets post on Instagram/ facebook/ twitter  just to show the enthusiasm (even it may be fake:))

And some say that Serious academics take the media seriously  and often too seriously;  its as simple as water. Some serious academics are not sharing the sufficient information because they believe they’re  (non scientific community) as not as Important and Deep and Serious as they are.  We can just get some likes, some words of congratulation and then what!!! One academic was bumping 🙂 out somewhere :), we cannot get the real feedback in these social media so what’s the point of sharing. But I personally believe when we are sharing/posting/tweeting  what we have done, in the non scientific community , we are also sharing to the scientific people who may have been resilient to express his/her words. So talking about science once in a while seems okey though you cannot get good audience but you can feel relief in any way, but if you don’t feel it don’t share it 

I have some friends who are good researcher. Suppose P. he is great, whetver he knows he know by depth and whenever he does not know I love the way he say I don’t know. But when he know about any topic he knows to the root of the topic and he can explain to other researcher/people so perfectly and flawlessly that some time I envy him. But he is so silent in the social media. He has good papers but in social media he seldom talks about it. On the flip side of the coin I have another friend Z. he is really good at social sites. He knows how to intermingle hardcore science with the social fact and express in the way he gets maximum participation in his blog. He has good listeners at the social media and his one post/tweet/photo brings really good murmur. Sometimes he writes more than necessary ( just my personal feeling because he is my good friend) But I envy him too about his openness to the audience even on small details of his work. So, I have both friends, those who share every minute detail of their research work and those who just share the title of the work(and in some cases missing that also)

I have plenty of respect for the bloggers, I read different types of blogs and recently I have grown habit of watching some of the vlogs. It always amuse and inspire me to see their work. I am not doing any  inclusive professional blog here but this type of assemblage of words without any concrete feelings is making me feel good. Today also I did nothing, just assembled some blogs, some talks about the positive and falsely positive aspects of blogging about scientific work.

And one last sentence just to write on (last but not the least); being involved in social media as a scientist is useful for scientists to communicate with one another (another scientist).

Actually this was in draft, i started to compose it two days back and then I got confused how to express this. I just got lost in the path between sharing the facts and being silent over the issue. Finally today I thought to share it as it was before 🙂

For my lovely readers, here is the gift of a portrait of a boy of  Ramechap district, Rampur village who is carrying bag and confused whether to read or not 🙂




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