born in the wild

Ok I know its just memory flash back and it has nothing to do with anything. But I believe everyone feels something at their heart when they hear about the place, where they were born. I was born in some remote part of the country. And luckily I got chance to be the place where I was born after really long time. It was wonderful to remember the back then days. Actually frankly speaking I don’t much.

Few days back one of my friend came to my home here at Kathmandu and when he saw my room he said well your room size is like my bathroom. He spoke it with the heart and later he added with the brain yet you have really arranged your items beautifully.

Home is the place where your memory is linked I don’t remember much of that area but here are some clips of the place where I was born.It is the place in Khotang, Indrani pokhari.



Just few minutes walk from home there is a stone from where we can see whole village nearby and if the weather is good, its a good place to see the hills. And interesting part is that my grandfather or other senior member used to look from that stone to see if the workers are working perfectly or not. It was said that, except some area, most of our land that extended from beyond this hill to the river is seen from this area.


Actually we almost all have more than two house, I mean more than one structural building as a single house. Usually we have one is for sleeping, one is for cooking and keeping the different materials, oh there should be three and next one is for keeping the animals, so we too had three structural building but now ,I am back here after nearly twenty years and only there is the remaining of the structure that used to exist.

DSC02747 (2)

Our memory is so much selfish, we easily get flash back form the simple things. Even the small holes in the present pictures opens up the folder of lots of memories related to that hole. All those incidents, happening and how we were dependent on that small hole that seems now useless come vivid into our mind. Now its just a simple arrangement of the stones that doesn’t carry meaning and value now.


Walking down the green patches and the old ruins of the house. what does this do. Actually nothing but just trying to refresh old the memories.

DSC02730 (2)


Its far and tiny and almost lost in the memory but if we we dig up, it has lots of story to share.

Anyway it felt wonderful to be back to the structure where I was born. I had left that home when I was around 6-7 years of age and I had been there to meet the relatives when I had finished my school level education. And then it was some weeks back. I felt really emotional and wonderful.

Today when I see that building and the nearby things I get so emotional, nearest market to buy salt and other basic need is still nearly 3-4 hours walk from here and I can’t even imagine how far it was then. And nearest hospital! oh! does that exist! After that four hours walk we can get the muddy road now but if we except any vehicle there then everyone will stare at us for expecting so unrealistic thing. We left that place, actually my mother ran away from that wild yet beautiful land and she carried me along with her. And all thanks goes to her for me being live here. If I had been there I believe I would still be carrying salt in the bamboo basket. May be or may be not.

Home is where we live now and there is only the memories. memories some good some bad some interesting some awful





3 thoughts on “born in the wild

  1. हाम्रा पहाडी क्षेत्रहरू सुन्दर छन् तर विकट पनि । सुन्दरता पनि पीडा बन्ने रहेछ ।

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