she and fake faces

What’s the significance of meeting a person if the person is dying soon and you have damn cared that person for the whole life?
Is it moral support to die or just to make a fake facial show in front of the person that he or she also exist in earth?

Actually I had plan today to go for hiking but due to certain circumstances the plan cancelled and I had to sit at home; which i do not personally prefer.
Actually I have relatives around my home and i am one of such stupid person who do not prefer to speak much to the neighbor.
This is the story of a neighbour near to my home.
Actually I have never been to her house but I have been observing them since they came here.
In term of physical distance she lives really near to my house we can easily see each other clearly and there is no other houses in front of us till now. There is just a road in front of our two houses and few meters of green farm. The place where I live is still regarded as the village.

Oh another group of women came and she is sitting in the warmth of sun. I don’t know what they talk but now I have a feeling that I want to hear about the talk. Do they ask… how did this happen? what had you eaten? didn’t you eat enough water? I think you over thought the circumstances?

Fuck this so called show off society.

Yesterday she was all alone ( here yesterday means the days when she was fit and fine ) and no one talked to her. When i used to see her i felt so sad at her but never spoke to her and still I haven’t gone to see her. My sister use to say that she is so young but due to the different circumstances of the home she is seen like an old mother. Actually she is the mother of two children. She has one daughter, the two of them looked like best friends, they both had same height. I still remember both the mother and daughter laughing and hugging in front of their house. During the earthquake time we had the same camp, actually nearly 10 family were in the same camp. Oh I remember I had talked with both the daughter and mom at that time. she is really smart and cheerful, i still remember their mom and daughter speaking to each other like old girlfriends and without any boundary. I have lot of respect for both of them.

Oh another old man entered the house.

My mother shoulted me, why are you saying so stupid thing, you are young enough but still you don’t know when to see the neighbor, make a random visit or talk to them. You are so stupid, why don’t you socialize. Yes I am stupid at this context.

When she was all alone no one called her. Those who walked from the front of the houses just made the fake smile and ran away. When she was all alone she just needed some one to talk to. My sis once told me that the husband of her has another wife too but she is really rich. I used to see that husband once in a while so I had asked the sister where does that husband work and I had known that fact. He sits with one wife sometime and with the other next time. She has two children one daughter and a son, a perfect family but the family was not perfect internally. the husband use to be overdrinking sometime, the son even had started taking drugs.

I have all due respect for the family but when she was metally weak,,,,, just imagine a family with rich infrastructures and there is a mother whose son is in bad circle and husband don’t care for the family and all the hope is the daughter but she gets married and leaves the house, goes to some foreign land. And she has actually no one to talk to. She keeps all her feeling and pain inside her and the disease starts of increase inside her. and now she has some heart disease and all the villagers are coming here to look at her face. At that time when needed If she had someone to talk to she would have smiled, she would have lived her life with positive thoughts and vibes and it would make good to her health.

I got the feeling where had the villagers gone when she need someone to talk to someone to share her feeling. Since two weeks back i am seeing the son in the normal behavior, he just sat in the sun near to the tap water for almost a week and these days he has been doing some works of the home, yesterday evening he was cleaning his home and at the same time today morning the husband was doing some chores. what the hell is this if the family had helped her in same way the other days she would probably not get sick. Its just the hypothesis and the center of writing is based on this hypothesis. My personal hypothesis and feelings.

At this time I just mean to say that why are the people so busy for fucking no reason. Even me at this time I am thinking I am doing nothing but acting like super busy. Similarly when we don’t talk to the person when we have time or when needed whats the point of making fake appearance at the last hour. (I wish this is not her last hour though). She is just an example near from my house I have seen people visiting to some person whom they never saw or talked for their lifetime but visiting them at the stage when they are end of life. whats the significance. I am still confused. I still remember visiting old grandfather at his last stage when I had never seen him before that. Is it to make him happy or make ourself happy.

I have heard that she has got the major operation tomorrow and wish her health to be okey soon and want to see her smile in her face soon.




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