another house


Actually these pictures are from western part of Nepal which is topographically challenging and one of the most remote part of the country. It’s from Simkot the central hub of Humla and it is changing. In this picture above we were sitting at the roof the house and almost all house in the area are flat. The roof is flat so that the local people can do different activities in the roof .

Most of the time we may not know we are adapting to the adverse affect of the changing climatic scenario and we are doing so knowingly or unknowingly.Though, the locals do not know the technical terms, the changing livelihood style clearly observed. The impact of changing climate is clearly seen in the area.

This is very simple example of changing pattern of making house. The roof  is used to be made of mud and fern was used in between the different building block materials like stone, wood etc.  There was snowfall during most of the time;  and the snow could be easily removed from the top of building.


But now the new buildings are of new technology. Not any organization or institute told about this but the local used the self judgement method for changing some of the building construction materials.


” In the past there used to be precipitation in the form of snow and we were dependent on snow for our agriculture and livelihood but now there is much rainfall than snowfall” a saying from the local people.

“With the rainfall the fern do not work much so we have started to use the plastic as the material” he added. Besides that according to the local residents the rainfall has started to erode the soil of roof  which has sharply decreased the age of roof/fern.


There are stones and mud but fern is replaced by the plastic in the new houses. The water proof membrane has changed from fern to plastic.


The story may be simple, there used to be fern and it is now replaced by the plastic as building material. Whats the big deal! (the images are from april 2015 simkot humla)


But if we go in detail we can observe the difference in climatic pattern, difference in livelihood style, difference in building engineering  aspect of that is being constructed, difference in future of the child (that is looking to us from the roof of the building (as in above picture)).

Several questions that can oppose the saying like there may be shortage of fern, the people are being lazy to collect the fern, there was not plastic then etc should also be addressed while trying to observe and quantify the same hypothesis in other area. And here as a climate science student I must strongly emphasis that only changing climatic pattern is not the sole reason for the shift. The internal heating system, the infrastructural arrangement for the smoke and internal local engineering aspects also should be detailed study to conform this hypothesis.

Anyway, however the livelihood style of the people of remote mountain villages are changing and it is one of the not much talked topic.



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