sunset from my home

Ah, the day could give you different colors and different dimensions in the life but this little sunset is definitely to change the mood.

sunset at taudaha

The colors will not be as bright as the sunshine, consisting of different Red Blue Green composition but I am in love of the tone of black and blue these days.

sunset at banesor

In term of colors Sunset is actually nothing but its actually beginning of some mono-colors like blue or red sometime, not actually mono-colors….. but its the time when all the wavelength of light is absorbed into a single unit.

sunset while going to kulekhani

I don’t know where I am heading.. towards the life of mono-colors or towards the infinity where all the lights are absorbed (black) but its definitely not as expected. Its tough and rough. May be there will be some lights or may not be.

sunset from kalikot

Distance is said to be traveled when you have actually travelled. But where have I moved… actually nowhere. I may be seen as candy as ice-cream to someone and as rocket to other but actually I am just an assemblage of different parts and now gearing up to add thoughts to it.

Oh, I am doing here the same thing as other do…  I have tried to judge other by the way they act while I have judged myself by my good intentions.

That’s not fear/fair.

We should must wait,, watch,, and enjoy the sunset to have the new morning .


Good night



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