alone at home


I don’t know what to write But I know i have not written for days. Days are going on creepy at the moment. I thought I am doing nothing significant for a year or even more for no reason. Am I smarter than before, am i technically sound and know the fine tunings!!  fuck me I even haven’t been to the depth of the topic. Have you finished your dissertation, what are you doing all these days kabi. You were good at art, where have you been! you were a good reader but what have you read recently! You had some good friend but  have you talked to them lately or did they informed you! You are lost kabi. I don’t know where i am lost, i think i am walking but distance covered is almost like zero, smartness of rosamund pike in movie gone girl came into mind just now but where is that smartness, I think i am thinking now.. no anyway.. i am like that poor neil, waiting for dream come true but die when,,, shit i should stop it now, i have noting to share.


3 thoughts on “alone at home

      1. Kabi, maybe you should discover the person you really are and then build on that. We all go through strange phases. Maybe you need to be out on your own, with your own place to live, to truly discover yourself.

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