Sin of terai land

We tell terai land is flat here we can develop infrastructure to fullest and go for the fullfeased development but the scenario is different

Went to Gadariya and Chamalia of Kailali. Amost all the area had irrigation. ‘Turturey dam’ brusted so some area don’t have irritation  It has been 2 years since the dam brusted but who cares, one project built it but who initiates to rebuilt it, maintain it.

Ghoda ghodi lake and its beauty…….

It may have brusted due to the miscalculation or not proper calculation of return period in response to the changing climate and different scenario of fragile churia region. The growth of the cereals and other food crops is dependent upon the water from the canal but who cares, who initiates

There is tower of both network but there is no network. There is pillars at Gadariya but no electricity. Its centrally at terai but the basic facilities are lost how can the people is Himalaya can access to the facilities.

it was part of field experience happened in june july 2015


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