Karnali Highway and kalikot

Karnali Highway, hehe is it a highway.

Olmost one lane of road that is formed by blasting the rocks in the difficult topography and with large number of twists and turns in the higher angle slope where a simple mistake could take a life away. How can it be a Highway.

One hour jam, there was being pitch.

Its basically single lane road so it anything on the way whole way gets blocked. It is one of the road where we count on our each breath. Still it is one of the dangerous road, pitch is being done in some of the places and it is our great fortune that while doing pitche we had to wait only for an hour to finish a portion of it. Had there been any broken vehicle we had to wait for days to manage it, because it is almost like a single lane and there is huge rock on one side and steep slope heading towards the river at the other side of the road.

Another interesting and breath taking moment was there when the large truck driver made U turn in a single lane in front of us.

Manma is like the half way of Karnali Hinghway basically from Surkhet to Jumla. While going from Jumla from Surkhet , Manma is like half way and before reaching manma there is green bushes or from trees far down/far so at least hope of green raises but as we move ahead from manma there is no green in the side so it feels more fear.

Talking about Manma, there is no electricity in Manma for at least there years due to the damage of the powerhouse by the river. New instrument is needed which needs more money and the roadway is such apathetic that it may still take years and from airways government says it’s over costly. Such a shameful government who is calculating the benefits even to supply the basic needs to the distant difficult topography.

The nearst vdc Kotbeda, which we were thinking to go was more than a day far and we did not go there but the information from the local authorities and vdc personnel was great.

Visited one of the meteorological station and if we consider that station only then we feel like not taking any of the stations data. There was no water in wet bulb. The rain guage still had water that had rained a week before. And the data collector was out of the station for around two weeks and his family who don’t know basics instrument and its functionality were taking the data just for the name sake.

Literally week, topographically difficult, geographically punished Kalikot is still in the dawn, it really needs a lot of time and focus to go to the main stream development.


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