bye bye humla

Wake up early, look at the runway, if there is plane. Hurry to pack your goods. Go to the runway, ask for ticket, grab it enter the plane. It is literally as simple as that J to move away from Humla.

Some days of Stay was really wonderful at Humal then we returned to Neplgunj. The way back to Nepaljung from Humla is not that tough, we just fixed the day. D. helped to get the tickets. I did not see any feeling at her face but smiled as we were about to leave.

Man still don’t dare to say No, I don’t know why.  I remembered one incident. We were watching the snow capped Himalaya. It was majestic. J. asked what is the name of that Himalaya, one fellow who was near to us said its mount Saipal. We looked at each other.

When we move to new place we are fully dependent on each sentence of local people and when the local people don’t dare to say No if they don’t know the exact fact then the whole story can change. This youth saying amused us, we were confused how come it here but we don’t have enough evidence to support the fact that he is wrong. Why does man want to show smartness when he don’t know the fact. And at the mean time we asked the name of the Himalaya to another man and he explained the detail.

Actually this is the mountain not the himalaya, few days back it had snowed so you can see it all white but it remains all rocky for some months in a year. I don’t know what about the past but I have been seeing same things, and he was of 40’s.

Climate change in Humla, it must be detailed. Madan sir was saying to D. why don’t you prepare some of the case studies from the local area. You can contribute lots of things to the scientific community. The people who are coming here for some work can write their experience and publish a good work and their work can contribute something to the scientific study and detail study of the area.

From my observation one thing was distinct in the area. I am not saying it is due to hundred percent of the climate change but there is some anamolies. There is still the mud thatched houses but the ingredients have been changed. Years back people use to put fern between the mud and wood, but now it is replaced by the plastic. It is the symbol of increasing amount of rainfall and decreasing amount of snow or the changing lifestyle pattern. There lies several questings that remain to be explored.

To go to the remote part of Nepal is like taking the mountain flights. Madam sir, J and I was happy to get the good view of the mountains I personally suggest to take the double engine planes and tara air is one of that. The view from the tara air of mountains was wonderful. The two aspects of the mountains one with green and another aspect with bare rocks was one of the good thing to see.

Thank you Hulma for accepting us 🙂


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