attractive attire of simikot (Humla-Kalikot-Kailali–III)

Humla is like an island, it takes nearly a month to reach to the nearest roadway, the only way to be connected is by airway. Yet the people are so much prosperous! How?

Tomorrow we (two of us Mr.J and I) are planning to go to Hepka and really excited for it. I watched the watch its around  7 pm and its feeling as if it is the late nigte here in Simikot. Sleep is still far from me, I don’t know what other are doing but it feels as if all are in the deep sleep. I tried to remember the day.

We were moving around the Simkot.

It is always a moment of Happiness when we meet someone or whom we know in a distant place. D. came to Humla from Kathmandu. It was really wonderful to meet my senior working in Simikot. He has been working in the LAPA project funded by GoN and UNDP. It was really wonderful for us to interact with him and get some local help. Though it might sound as a small thing to him it means a lot to us.

Sun valley resort is four star hotel of the area. It has great infrastructure and attached bathroom, we tried to get the room in that hotel but it was already pack so we stayed in the Rolwaling Hotel. It was great stay and the people were hospitable. I searched for Ghoda Machha which is famous as tea, but I had to wait for a week to get this.

How stupid had I gone. I had been really crazy by her beauty and way she is behaving with us. I found her to be attractive and helpful. Was I imposing her the unnecessary queries or I was just super excited to hear her speaking to see her face and beautiful smile. Was I trying to impress her. Oh God! I am remembering my unnecessary questions and her smart replies.

  • The only effective and time saving travel to Humla is by plane and in plane the transportation charge for kg of item is NRS 120. So theoretically, if we get a kg of rice for Rs 100 in Neplajung it will cost 220+ in Humla, yet the people are happy with it. And they are living high standard life How?
  • The topography of the area is fragile and the geology is not well studied in the area. Hazzi taal which lie at the end of Nepal China border brusted 5-7 years back and there was some loss of life and property.There is high chances of natural disaster at any time with potential huge loss of life and property yet people have great smile in their face
  • I am not able to get the real picture of Humla, I use to see really inspiring portraits out in the city but as I look over here, I don’t find that.
  • Similarly there is heavy snowfall each year, the precipitation is mostly unpredictable. This time it was like of the heaviest snowfall, that took place in around 1988 A.D. Beautiful yet mischievous  region get lost in the mainstream media  news yet the people are enjoying the life here fullest They are happy to what they get here and able to live a prosperous life but how?

I am still not able to figure out was that suggestion or the healthy talk, after hearing my long non sense talk she said Don’t ask me much questions, like you I had clusters of questions in the beginning but after long stay in this place what important thing i have known and you should understand of this place is:

Firstly Simkot is not the Humla, most of the tourist come here, explore it’s beauty and tell lots of words but the real Humla lies days far.

This is new habitation after the airport is well established the old simkot is a bit far but is exciting and has a lots of things to tell to you and you have much to explore.

500W micro hydro is nearby which is providing electricity to the community.

Believe me or not Project are the major source of income, there are so much projects out here that you cannot believe. Project are the means of livelihood for some people here. Its almost like one home has one to two project offices and imagine their expense, lets forget about their work now :).

Most of the people have the background with trade of medicinal plants. Dolpa, Manang, Mustang Mugu are famous for for yarshagumpa for outsiders but the people of Humla  go to to Limi valley and other distant far and they not only trade yarshagumpa but also the other medicinal plants.

Political Parties: Another exciting part is that there are large number of political parties. People just leave the party and each of them start the league of new party because by being participated in any event they get incentive of NRS 500 to 1000 for each party so why not create a new party and get the incentive :). Frequent new agenda, new meeting easy and effective way to get the income ni.

She added if you want to know more about people, culture and livelihood, you have to stay with me.
What stay with you??????????????





Screenshot001 Screenshot


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