airport waiting (humla-kalikot-kailali–II)

It’s like an island !!
A unique land feature situated between the lands !!!
Yet the people seems prosperous and happy, how do people earn their living.!!

She gives a big smile then slowly put little strip of hair that tried to get attached to cheeks to the place where other hairlines are looking beautiful.
I don’t know how to respond this answer shortly it has a lot of story to tell, you just came today, liked this beautiful place, stay for few days with me and you will surely know everything you need to know about Humla.

I had not even properly wasted my face, I had not any hope of flying today also. But we atleast need to go to the Airport

How are the satellite images today sir.
Its okey comparatively than yesterday, there is not cloud cluster particularly in that region but I see there is a bunch of them few kilometers far ready for their speed and attack

Oh god, help us.
Wake up, go to the Airport, wait for at least 3-4 hours for ?

May be for good news of plane ready to take the flight
May be for good news of having good weather
May be for bad news of cancelling the flight

Two consecutive days and the flight had been cancelled.
Day before yesterday heavy snowfall in that area, not any chance of flight.
Yesterday the place which flew from Humla to Neplajung was not able to come to Nepaljung, it went to Jumla for emergency landing due to bad weather that occurred in the route.
Today we were on the second flight, the first flight happened and we were crossing our fingers for the second flight. I went to the dirty bathroom of the Nepaljung airport to wash my face and be ready for the second flight, oh god there is no good place to be fresh. I bought a bottle of water and went out of the waiting hall and tried to look fresh, waited for around a hour or so then the whisper circulated around, the weather of Humla now is not good and they are not able to take the flight from there, besides the en-route weather is so bad.
What is this, we are boarded our goods are ready to be inside the plane we are near to the runway. Is this all rumor or the fact, we then talked with the officials, the plane has now taken the flight and it will be here soon.

Ahh it’s a good news.

Near to me was a foreigner who had been waiting to get inside of the plane since yesterday. I don’t talk to him but Mr. J talked he was from Netherland and wants to go to the place less traveled. He did not had much luggage but I still remember he had a long beard. 🙂

Oh there is the place now on the runway now its our time, we were so much happy that as if we were provided a best and beautiful gift. We were on a line to be in the plane and ready to be in the runway within few minutes. We were just eager to hear the word GO from the authority.

But the sad news came the weather  at the Humla is good at the moment but the en-route weather is filled with eddies so sorry we have to cancel this flight come tomorrow at 5 am.

Our all enthusiasm turned into ashes.

We three of us were speechless, we don’t know what to do, got just lost inside to crowd. The local people of Humla did not had any change in the facial expression, the long beard foreigner looked in the ceiling for few seconds.

This Nepaljung, what does it have to the new incoming tourist.
Hotel Siddhartha and crazy heart are good hotels in term of infrastructure. Eat sekuwa at Ranjha. Stay at Traveler’s village, don’t forget to talk to candy (if you go there you would definitely enjoy talking with her). Nearby Banke Bardiya National park. Ghodaghodi taal. But to enjoy to the fulling it need more than one day. Few hours to reach there another few hours to come back to the hotel and what remain is tiny hours in a single day that we can enjoy in the nature so we were not able to the nearby good places though we had good intentions.

We had to stay near to the Nepaljung airport so that we could reach there in an around 5 am so we were like in trap situation, we had good intention of visiting some good places in and around Nepaljung but we had to be near to Airport in the evening and here evening means ~6 pm, after that not much chances of vehicles.

Three consecutive days without any significance

So we stayed in Travellers Himalaya village for three day and were were trying tomorrow for the final approach to go to Humla, if not able to get flight tomorrow also we had set Plan B for our team.

And tomorrow came. The fourth day waiting to get inside the Tara Air. All those repeated process of remaking boarding pass, weighing the luggage, being in line, waiting for plane conformation. It was near to 6 am and still not sure of flight. The authorities were just contacting to each other, gathering the weather data. Local people phoned to their home land,  the whispher filled the waiting room, there is still ice in the run way and there is clouds in the western side. We tried to check with our smart phone, it was not loading properly, as there was no wifi and the mobile data was not functioning. We had hope for the flight because we were in the first flight today, we talked with the officials, still no conformation.

Some of the local youth were laughing out loud and feeling sleepy mood, ( had they drunk early in the morning, is it still the hangover of last night, oh forget it; its not the matter of concern). That foreigner with the beard, just woke from the seat went to the authorities and cancelled the ticket of Humla and headed to Kathmandu which was ready to take flight within half an hour. We were not able to take such a quick decision, but we were waiting for the final sentences of the authorities.

May be after an hour or something from the regular flight time an official came forward “Okey we are ready to move toward Humla, all the passengers of Humla of Sita Airlines be in line and proceed further towards the plane”.

We just  shared smile.

We are now inside the place, small enogh but its double engine so we all had smile. We could have taken single engine other flights from Surkhet but we do not dare to take risk.

The view from the window of the plane look spectacular, almost all the mountains were snow capped and its like wow view from each location and angle.
I remembered that beard foreigner who waited for the consecutive three day and he lost his hope and changed his plan on the day when we had flights. Sometimes quick decision does matter. I shared my feeling to the local traveler (he was telling he stays at Humla) and he said we are fortunate that we get flights almost regularly these days, one two day doesn’t concern much because we had stayed for more than one month waiting for the flight before, very few flights and that also interrupted by bad weather and there was days when the pitch was not concentrate and it has not been much days since the runway has been pitch.

The view from the airport was spectacular. We felt as if we are on the right time and right day to see the beauty of the Humla.

It has snowed so heavily nearly after 1988-89. And you are lucky that you got the glimpse of it. Can I serve you a coffee? I just looked at her face, could not figure out what she was saying…….







12 thoughts on “airport waiting (humla-kalikot-kailali–II)

      1. Humla is not that great city yet :),
        yes, it was near to simkot airport(only airport of humla district) and we were really at low elevation from plane at that time.

      2. actually it was just some days before earthquake event, i had not shared anything related to that field visit due to earthquake now i saw photos and remembered those incidents so…..

  1. Few weeks ago I read a book named ” Mayalu Humla” by Nepali writer Mr.Damodad Pudasainee, it was beautifully written and he explained everything in detail about Humla, after reading the book Humla is in my wish list to travel, amazing snowfalls at Simkot…expecting more pictures of Humla…thanks for the beautiful post..

    1. ahh I want that book, thank you for going through, actually i had been there some days before earthquake and trying to digitize my personal dairy :).. I have been lazy these days bought Himalayan odyssey to read but still untouched :p

      1. I would love to give you but I am still in Dubai..may be you can find in some book you can read the books once you feel you are no more lazy.. nothing to rush 🙂

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