Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge Ride 2015

Actually I am not writing this with huge enthusiasm. I am just trying to keep the memory of the wonderful ride I had on last Saturday.
At this moment my knee is paining so hard, it pains more when I walk in the stairs. Is is due to cycle ralley.
It was wonderful ride. Actually I had never traveled such long distance in bicycle. But I was excited for it, I had thought it would be easy.

I had registered myself in #kathmandukora 2015. Actually it a fund raising event for building a maternity hospital in one of the earthquake hit area of Nepal.

I thought it would be fun. I had not thought of another aspect, not being all the friends together. Six of us were in the start line. It turned to be fun ride but till the end we three of us were together.

I am not a good rider. Ralley started at around 7am. I was late rider, at the start line basically I and U. were together. Among the 2800+ participant I had kept in the middle of the row so that I could be pulled by front row and pushed by the last row.

After half an hour a hill came upon us, it took really long time to finish me. I don’t know where I lost my friend. I found I was in the last row:

Lost U. in first hill, next friend said he got pain in the knee he will be back to the home, and next friend went home when we even didnot knew.

Among six me, U. A. I. M. S. only three me A. and I were able to get to the finale line.
We three of us completed 100 km though we were set up for only 75 km, it was because of including the additional rides that we had due to puncture of our bicycle(had to travel some km to make the bike), lost in the middle way/joining the another route, travel from home and to home.

Anyway it was great ride. Here are some photos

<last six are from my click while other are from social media collection>

1375047_10207933079471600_1731089121467378624_n 11039007_10205430633899325_1110192828255968837_o 11181863_10153168532489125_7699559425313048057_o 11235390_939003429474146_8724300748480066581_o 11696334_939005579473931_962821463794952001_o 11741295_939002769474212_4991403587082534865_o DSC00739 DSC00721
DSC00734 DSC00741 DSC00745


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