nepal earthquake ! Taking shower

oi bhuicholo

what are you doing out there in Bathroom ?? Get out fast!
I am taking shower
Didn’t you notice, it’s shaking come on fast.

I don,t know what to do, I was naked and taking shower and earthquake came all of the sudden.
Should I run outside !!! (I was naked). Should I continue taking shower (I was just putting shop all over the body). I didn’t know what to do.

Like most of the Nepali, I had also slept in the open land, no tent, no good blankets. It was almost like sleeping in the field. That field was like the small Nepal; somewhere terrain, somewhere high Himalayas, somewhere Nepali flat, and rare real flat land. My backbone was in the Himalayas, legs in terrain, head in Nepali flat. We are all living in fear. I don’t know, it’s fear of earthquake or the fear of falling off the building due to the earthquake, however it was enormous fear. All of us were engulfed by the fear.

I had slept outside and was not getting good sleep, all night was like waiting for something, some unknown thing and it was really sleepless night. Frankly speaking, I sleep hardly for 1 hour and that hour was not at a single time. Then, in the morning, I came home.

Structurally my home is comparatively safe and planned to take shower and be fresh. I was just starting to take shower, I mean I had been putting soap all over the body, totally naked trying to make myself fresh.

I felt sudden uplift of the space. I could not really figure it out, was it earthquake or illusion of my mind. These days I frequently get these type of delusions like moving of the place where I am staying, shaking some part of the earth for sometime, vibration of the chair where I am sitting. I really can’t distinguish it most of the time, whether it is small aftershocks or just the game of the mind.

I managed to tell myself that it was just the earthquake created by my mind and continue to take shower then within these fraction of seconds the loud noise hover all over the place. Again earthquake, Earthquake again.

I was planning to get fresh from the unpleasant, disturbing, half sleep of the night by taking shower but this aftershock took my freshness away and I don’t know what I have left. Oh God, I am naked. Question came from outside of the room, “what are you doing out there in Bathroom”. I answered, “I am bathing, taking shower, did not you notice”. “It’s shaking, Come on fast;  Who told you take shower during this time”.  I didn’t know what to do, I was naked and taking shower and earthquake came all of the sudden. Should I run outside (I was naked). Should I continue taking shower (I was just putting shop all over the body). I don’t know what to do.

Was it real??. I tried to look all around the bathroom. Shit, I could check the level of water if it is still moving. Oh, God!! I don’t have a single bucket in my bathroom. Fuck me. How to know is it still shaking. The water level in the tub, fuck, I cannot figure out from there. The noise came from distant came closer, Are you still there, Get out quickly, It is still shaking.

Shit!!  water is coming so little in this shower today. I literally don’t know what to do. I put myself in the shower, tried to make all the water bodies touch my body.  It will take really long to clean myself all, my mind calculated the force of water is low and the amount is too low and it will take really long to clean myself. should I run.

I opened all the taps in the bathroom, tried to remove foam of soap as fast as possible. I doubt it really went. Did not have enough enthusiasm to wipe the body by towel therefore, just wore trouser and vest directly and ran to the field.

On that day, I tried to have a normal day but had some type of irritation or allergic feeling, something physically and mentally. I tried to take shower, for the second time in that day to refresh me again; frankly speaking to clean myself properly. But I could not get the courage and thought of bathing in the open space but.

Finally yesterday, after two days of the event I was able to take shower peacefully. Yesterday, was not a pleasant day. To up boost my enthusiasm, I hang some utensils in the side of the door, I had also put a large bucket of water, just to wash myself fast and even to look at the water level if it is really moving. 

Earthquake is just an event, a small event, usually occurring for few seconds but it is strong enough to take everything away.




8 thoughts on “nepal earthquake ! Taking shower

    1. hahaha, okey suppose i covered didgeridoo with fig leaf, also i have sexy body, if girls see in that pose they will run after me like in adds of some strong body perfume 🙂

      1. wife hhhmmm may be a year and half later, till then I have to make myself strong to the situation that if we went to the good restaurant, then I could grab the bill and say I will pay for you always.

      2. I am thinking of something better :), but don’t know exactly how and when. May be the good karma will follow soon. You in Lisboa or moved to Bournemouth.

      3. Kabi, I’m in Lisbon at the moment and trying to bring the family here later. Portugal seems to be still open to immigrants but a lot of Nepalese are realising this and coming here. I’m going to visit Bournemouth soon.

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