Nepal Earthquake ! still unable to stretch body

Frankly speaking
Really don’t have any mood to write.
I don’t know what is the reason behind this.

The massive earth of 25th April 2015 is still shaking my mind and body or I am being lazy i don’t know.
I have been busy checking for the facebook and twitter and frequent updates at

The major shock and the aftershock is just kicking at my mind.
Actually i don’t have any energy to do anything. My body is just relaxed, I am feeling as if i have just woke up from the long time tranquilized situation.
Blogging is always in my mind and story is in the mind but i don’t have enough energy to sit in the table and move my fingers in the keyboard.

These days the talk of the town is earthquake and nothing more than that, every mouth and every tea shop is talking about the event. I have been hearing and nothing more than that.

In this blog I am planning to incorporate two things about the earthquake ; actually my monologues and experience with the vibration and shaking of the earthquake.

What are you doing. The hot topic is the event we were doing during the event. It was Saturday so it was late lunch, we were just having lunch during that time. Actually I had just finished eating dal bhat and was on the third floor. I was in full stomach so planning to sleep, but suddenly the I felt something shaking,

I really could not figure it out why, what is and what it is happening. I heard the sound from somewhere, earthquake, (actually it was my mum shouting) then I got the idea its earthquake, suddenly my legs tremble, frankly speaking I don’t know what to do, the earth was vibrating and shaking at the same time, I had no idea what to do I just ran out of the room. It was really hard to reach from third floor to the ground floor and most hard part was to open the door. The door lock and my hands were not able to reach each other perfectly. Finally I opened the door and out of the house. And to be true, while running we forget everything; not a single thing once we are a step ahead then we start to think of the family, what are they doing how are they, thank god everybody was out of the home now. We all of the family members were in the home that particular day.

We had read that we should do “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” as Earth Quake safety tip but frankly and truly speaking it never came in mind, the earth was shaking and I just knew I have to be outside of the building anyhow,and most the friends whom I shared my experience about not doing “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” they were also not doing but as me, they think they will do next time if the situation come.

I personally could not figure out or had anything in mind it was just blank, the frequent aftershock of high magnitude just increased the pumping of the blood. I could not do figure out what to do or how to be calm in the situation. I was really in trauma. To see own home shaking and moving is really tremor. Those amazing sound and the vibrations were really off the track, never experienced and hard to explain in words.

People started to gather in the open space, we were there. In the distant the clouds of dust began to appear, we could easily tell that it was from the broken buildings, the smell of the mud started to hover all over the place, I once looked at the home, I saw the looping houses.

In 1990 BS the devastaing earthquake had hit Nepal but i had not experienced that but this really took my breath away. I got someone to talk but what to talk other than fear. We stayed outside for hours, did not have any courage to go inside the house. After some hours we could take breath but still the situation was not cool, then went to the nearby areas too see if the houses had been broken or damaged. Around my area few of the building had been broken and no human casualties, thanks God we were safe.

The telecommunication system was not working, we were not able to get in contact with the near and dear ones. The rumors came that that the Dharahara (the nine stored the pride building/tower of Nepal has been broken). During that time, after finding my family is okey i tried to find if my friends and relatives are okey, I walked for an hour to see my friend, one of my friend walked for more than two hour to reach to verify if his relatives were okey. Till the evening we live in rumor, few facts, fear and the body was just shaking and vibrating, and mind was not able to come to any conclusion. During that time I realized that during the disaster time, we actually can’t use our mind properly and we easily follow the other idea(even though it could be silly) or what the mass are doing.

Though there were not any dead bodies near to us, the environment was all filled with the dust and the atmosphere was injected with the particles of fear and insecurity. In the evening we did not have any courage to go inside the house, we just slept in the open space, no food, no shelter. we just burned fire from whatever we had around us and tend to sleep but I am not sure among the 15 household near to us none of them were able to get the sound sleep. a voice of silence was among us, fear was ruling us.

On the very next day the body was just dehydrated and saggy. Someone was telling we should go for the help, another one was telling we should not gather mass in this trazic event, move only if you can do anything to anybody. The next days high magnitude aftershok took the remaining breath of most of the people, many building of most of the people.

It was one week after the major earthquake people have started to help other in any way they can. People were trying to walk but suddenly on May 12 another huge aftershock came and it was really hard to digest it. There were more deaths, more restlessness. Tremors and aftershocks continued, causing more despair and sending panicked people onto the streets and open land. The sense of helplessness among us was palpable.

It added more physical and mental stress to the people who survived, even the geologist were showing in graphs the decreasing trends and magnitude of earthquake and telling everybody to be calm and return to the home but this aftershock stopped everybody from speaking. At the mean time the astrologist came in the story telling that the upcoming week is more dangerous, as already said we cannot do anything on our own in this disaster time and this rumer built more tension among the people.

Everyone was learning about the tectonic plates, its movement, the cause of the earthquake but this rumer had no any medicine, we really act strangely. We know its not right but we cannot deny it perfectly. All the people live in the fear and waiting for the earthquake to happen.

Both geologist and astrologist were not able to predict as earthquake is unpredictable. We know we are in the middle of one of the major thrust in the himalaya and we have no option for being in safe but we were not actually able to activate it.

Slowly the magnitude of the earthquake is decreasing hope this soon ends, the roads is now seen with some of the vehicles, the rumors of death and huge aftershock is slowly being erased, but still are in fear. Its good to have fear but we should act wisely and safely. Now we have major task to help the needy persons and help for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of new better Nepal.

I had lots of thoughts to write about this eathqake but I was just busy scrolling down in facebook, twiter and online news portal that I did not have enough courage to write it down, now I will be writing about my exprience while takign shower naked during the earthquake time and the bad memories of relief work.


3 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake ! still unable to stretch body

  1. For the past ten years I have been moaning about the lack of earthquake preparedness and the lack of earthquake proofing and a couldn’t care less attitude towards this terrible natural phenomena. In our family I was the only person who was prepared daily for such an earthquake, even to having the main door keys in the best place to get out fast and have money ,valuables, drinking water stored in a backpack near the exit door my room, EVERY night. Nobody else was remotely interested. Now finally I hope that attitudes are going to change in Nepal.

    1. Everybody know Nepal lies in seismic active zone, and here is high chances of earthquake but nobody is smart enough to prepare for it. Its great to hear you have been prepared from your level but personally speaking I was not. i don’t have genuine reason why I wasn’t. Now everybody is in fear, they fear to live in the houses greater than 4 stored building but remember me that all nepali will forget this within some 5-10 years and still most of them will have weak infrastructure buildings and poor preparedness for earthquake. We are smart but not smart enough to activate the things in daily life that we have learnt.

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