an image of the frequently seeing girl



(8 am)
Will I meet her today also!!!
Why am I meeting her so frequently and so regularly!
I don’t know her and don’t wish to know her but also why I am remembering her so much at this time.
What has she to do with my life and with this frequent occurrence of her at different spots where I move along!!
I am not trying to remember her but as I am about to forget her she occurs from nowhere in front of me.
I have tried to run away from her by changing my travelling time, travelling bus, and all the events went in vain.

Actually I am frequently meeting a girl, she usually gets in the bus in which I am travelling or sometimes I happen to ride in the bus where she is.
I actually don’t know where she stays but I guess not far away from Koteshwor area or the place where I stay. She gets into the bus or gets off from the bus in and around that area and is seen in different spots of Kathmandu intentionally or unintentionally and I happen to meet her.
In the public bus she usually is seen talking with some random person(usually older persons than her) in active(profoundly heard) voice,. I don’t know whether she is like that or she is showing off. But one thing I noticed of her is she has a good sense of dress up style. 🙂

We almost move daily from home to the work station or to the study area, while moving we may meet some persons that may be interesting and it will be interesting to have some coffee chat with them.

I don’t know much but we are slowly moving towards the technology and even forget to see who had just sit by our side in the bus, or in any public place. We are just developing the attitude of who cares who is beside or near to me, why to talk to him/her, whats the point!.
We just plug in earphones and enjoy the ride or just open the phone and be in social sites (or play candy crush:)), just start to say hi to a friend in facebook or start to tweet m in the crowded bus going to …. We hesitate or do not care who is beside us, we don’t see any significance in talking/observing the person by our side. We are being socially active, and don’t ask me what does that socially active means.
My phone is old so I fear to use it more, I just watch the moving crowd or just take a nap. But these days I am unknowingly being attracted or better say as awaked to hear a voice; a hoarse sound. She is not so beautiful but I am unknowingly thinking of her and trying to hear her chitchat. Why am I being so conscious for her presence in a bus though there are lots of other persons!.


Before some years not exactly like this but I had encountered somewhat situation like that, she was a fashion designer. It was the time, when I had lost the hope of being a fashion designer. I use to meet a beautiful girl frequently and one day she sat by my side so speak to her, and found she was doing bachelor in fashion designing. It was wonderful to meet her, after that first initiation we used to talk on random topic whenever we do meet. She was beautiful and was adorer of her beauty and fashion style and I told her and she was happy to hear the words. There was once a fashion event and she had given me pass but I could not attend the event and after that we met for couple of times and then she suddenly disappeared. So she came in a strange way and vanished in strange way. Before some weeks (of vanishing literally) she was telling me that she was planning to shift to another place, I did not gave much importance to the topic. And she is lost, I don’t have any regret on losing her but I am happy that I started the conversation and it was wonderful to know about the new world. Once in a while I remember you B. (mostly when I see different style of sexy tighty nighty dresses, if she is reading this she would understand but I don’t hope she would be reading).

And now here comes another girl not as beautiful as that girl whom I meet about 3 years back but may be with something. Or it may be my delusion. But this time I am not in mood to talk to her, I am hearing almost all the things I need to know (the basic information). Seeing this through different dimension, she treated old and poor people so harshly that I don’t like her attitude. Besides that she showed herself as smart by pulling the legs of poor and underprivileged people. I believe she is from good background, but it doesn’t mean that you have to show your nonsense poor attitude. Strictly speaking she has (I believe) attitude problem so I don’t wana speak to her(thinking of logical reason to tell other)(but my main reason is my heart is telling not to speak to her :)).

May be I am seeing lots of people on the way but I am just ignoring all the other and just concerning of her, maybe I am not just not trying to see the other images near to me. OR May not be she has something to share with me, maybe I have something to concern her. OR may be I am just giving high priority to such small thing that has actually nothing to do with anyone and anything

Kavi Oi kabi
What are you doing?
Don’t you notice what is happening around you what have you done in the kitchen, it smells of something burned.
OH shit I had just put vegetables on the oven to make curry.
Oh god!!!
It all got burned,
where are you lost!!
uff where i am lost!!!!

images are taken from google image 🙂


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