Thankot Chandragiri Chitlang Markhu Kulekhani Kathmandu

Suppose you are in a new place and you have heard about a hotel of that place that is so famous and so best. But as you reach there, you don’t get the room to stay in that hotel. How do you feel!
I am sure as I did at first, you try to convenience yourself that there are more beautiful hotels to stay in that place but after going through the survey you find that there is none greater than that hotel and you are there for only a night. How do you feel for loosing I mean not able to stay in the best hotel of the town where you will be for one night stay.
And I don’t know how I felt.

As I reached the Markhu,( the head point of the Kulekhani dam, the point where the river vanishes to become the lake), I had to encounter the same situation and I still don’t know how I felt.

Comparative height while moving towards Chandragiri
Comparative height while moving towards Chandragiri

We started our hike from Thankot. Around 9 am and we started to walk, the up hike to Bhanjyag( near to Chandragiri height) was great. It took us around two hours. The height was marvelous, the trail was upworthly. There is the long route where the vehicle travels but most of the times we  tried to go with the short way and most of the time it took our breath away but at the same time the view of the valley from the top was breath taking.

The valley is not that bad

We did not reached the top of the Chandragiri Hill but we headed towards Chitlang, as we reached the Bhanjyang( the place for rest and have some breakfast or fast food).  Then we headed down. As we were walking uphill our foot were paining but as we started to go downhill our toe started to pain.

This is human nature, while we were walking uphill we wanted the downslopes and wished the downhill walk but as we started downhill it was also not satisfactory. We are never satisfied with our feeling and happenings and most of the time we want different from what we are doing.

We moved down to Chitlang. Though we could see the area filled now with mosaic houses of ancient and modern architecture. But also Chitlang an ancient Newar Settlement located over the southern rim of the Kathmandu Valley is known for its unique culture and tradition.This village is surrounded by beautiful green forest, which consists of around 200 species of birds and animal. The large green fields are added attraction of Chitlang.

My little sweet home :)

My little sweet home 🙂

We all know motors carry people; but it is only the place in the world, where motors are carried by people because Before Opening of Tribhuwan Rajpath (Highway to link India and Kathmandu), there was not any motor roads to Kathmandu valley(capital kingdom); Chitlang was only one “On foot Highway” to get India and the Southern part of Nepal so people carried the vehicles to Kathmandu valley from the same route where we were walking.

Now, there are 4-5 major roads that joins Terai and other parts of the Nation but this road from where the civilization of motor transportation 🙂 started is still in infancy. Lots of concrete is added on the other roadways but the inhabitants and this ancient roadway is neglected. It reminded me of the Silk Road, the road that connected East and West.

Where we are going!
Where we are going!
with the curving road and beautiful memories
with the curving road and beautiful memories

We were actually trying to reach the Kulekhani dam but our legs were so hurting that we changed our plan to go to the Markhu nearest destination of Indrasarobar. We reached Markhu at around 4pm but the best hotels, the small white buildings in the image below which were the best hotels near to the lake were already booked.

Ah there's the Indrasarobar :)

Ah there’s the Indrasarobar 🙂

gloomy lake
gloomy lake


If you are going to the Kulekhani dam then make yourself clear that you cannot stay in the main dam area. The nearest area from the dam is Kalanki which is around 1 km far has around one hotel and thats not perfect place to stay so you have to move around 6 km from the dam area to get to the next station that is Markhu. Markhu is the local hotspot for the best view of the dam, observing the affects of the dam and flow of the lake, local flora and fauna, beauty of the nature and so on.

In Markhu the most well known Hotel is Indrasarobar Hotel and Louge. It is one of the oldest and serves the best food and services. Though we were not able to stay in that hotel at night we came in the morning for the breakfast and it was awesome. Also near to that there is Newton hotel(owner is Newton Shrestha) which is nearest to the lake and offers the best nearest view and feelings. It will make the evening awesome and stay memorable. If you are planning to go there during the holidays make sure to book the rooms because they have limited rooms and most of the people wish to stay there :). In the days when there is not any holiday very few people go there but during the holidays make sure to make your reserve just by making a call. Here I will make easy for you, If you want to book at Indrasarobar just make a call at 9845640928 or 9808449828 but if you want to book at Newton dial at 9841938246.

I am not here to promote those hotel nor am I representing anything of them; just want to make you easy and let you stay in the best possible place as per my experience.

Color constrast
Color contrast

Most of the youth use to go there to get fresh from the daily activities and even to enjoy the weekend.  We stayed in the Krishna Hotel. It was good at its best. Local barbecue of the fish and mutton was great. Mostly the fish of that area is best. People even go there to get the fresh taste of the fish while some go to get refreshed. I still remember one youth disturbing my sleep. He was all drunken and was shouting in the middle of the road saying different things about his girlfriend and was even giving the random calls even at 2-3 am while all the village was trying to sleep.

Second Last view from the Kulekhani Dam
Second Last view from the Kulekhani Dam

After staying in Marphu we headed towards Dam area.  In our half way there was the floating house( a house in the middle of the lake). I don’t know why they did not allow us to stay there nowadays but long days back people were allowed to stay there. 😦

The water level at that time was around 1.5 km high and we were surprised to see such the huge quantity of water being held. Also, if we observed calmly it was not hard for us to see the affects of damming the river. Such a huge mass of water and such large area being covered by water, and if the dam bursts. Oh lets not imagine that 🙂

Oh there is the dam!!!
Oh there is the dam!!!

Finally, we headed towards our home(Kathmandu) from the Kulekhani dam. The trip was awesome. Thank you Jeevan and Piyush dai for the great companionship. This route is also one of the best route for biking and cycling that is near form the Kathmandu valley yet naturally beautiful.

Have a great time :)
Have a great time 🙂

9 thoughts on “Thankot Chandragiri Chitlang Markhu Kulekhani Kathmandu

    1. the road that lies just at the back of the Tribhuwan Park, the road touches the wall of the park, if you are going from ktm, then park comes first and at the end of park there is road at your left…

  1. can we go cycliing from thankot to chandragiri to chitlang to markhu to kulekhani to kathmandu?
    if possible then whats the condition of the road or is it offroad?? plz reply ffs we are planning to go this month.

    1. Yes you can go for the cycling in that area. The road is not blackpitched and its offroad in most of the places. But if you have a mountain bike it will not be that difficult travel. Enjoy cycling in that area, I hope it will be great fun.

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