Make up of Kathmandu city

Can we keep the beauty of Kathmandu?

While walking the lanes of the Kathmandu my mind frequently asked me who is going to maintain the beauty of Kathmandu once the event is over. Will Kathmandu be like the gathering of young huge guys or like the dance party floor where they meet, drink and dance a lot and after they get tired they leave everything as it is and simply leave. We have invested so much money for the development, will we have courage to step forward and spend few amount for the retention and maintenance of the beauty.

I am still thinking!! Will there won’t be any strike or any banda when we become too smart to break the reeling’s or other infrastructures.  Will there not be any political deadlock when we never leave a spot to write our so called bold slogans in bold letters in the painted walls and streets. Will we be able to keep our advertisements between ourself and not disclose it in the middle of the road. Will we keep our humanity and give life to the plants that are planted in the middle of street, will we have enough courage to let them develop and explore its beauty.

I have negative dream for most of the questions that are raised by the mind at this moment. May be I was bought that way. May be I have been encircled by the community of that type who is not showing any positive vibes. May be I am in dream.

Kathmandu is getting facial at this moment. And today is the last day to do the make up. 18th annual summit for the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), is set to take place on November 26 and 27, so this make up had taken place. SAARC was established in 1985, which joins eight South Asian countries to promote welfare economics and collective self-reliance, and to accelerate the region’s socio-cultural development. This is the third time for Nepal to host the event and last time Nepal had hosted 1th SAARC Summit in January, 2002.

During this beautification process the humps and dumps of Kathmandu has changed into the smooth beauty.

What is development. If development could be done so fast and with so much dedication then why were we stopping ourself from being developed. Within this long time span why the government was just sleeping. Why did not we have the dream of happening. did we forget to dream. Or we simply lost our courage to see the dream.

In Nepali there is one saying that guest are our god. We should please them. Don’t we have to live. Don’t we have to eat ourself but only satisfy our guest. I am not againt this mega event but just want to say that if we have got the potential why did not we explore it, why did not we use it. As the typical Nepali aphorism If we could eat rice each day then why did we eat millet each day and kept the rice for our guest though we had the potential of having rice in each day

The theme of the summit is ‘Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity’. I think we all should integrate the peace and prosperity that has happened at the moment at Kathmandu to deeper extent and for deeper time. 🙂

Some links to get the view of the this make up of Kathmandu city

Gud night folks just giving the new dimension to my blogging. May be I could be regular at this time :):)


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