frisky feelings

floppy disk mind
highhill shoe stole the data of the heart
taking lots of time for booting


saw silver lining
got happy and danced
but later realized
silver lining is in the clouds of sky
am watching


I tried so hard, ran so far
But in the end
It didn’t even matter
I had to fall and loose it all


she laughed and cried
I thought she knew my pain.
I was being stupid.
all my research was in vain


your earrings are making u so beautiful
i love you so much she said
i never saw her wearing that again


i m who i am
u can call me LOL or OMG
its upon you


she comes in my mind always
is it possible to marry in dreams!!


lets not date anymore
i become dumb when i hear you


i am like the sky of the night
u are like the sky in the evening
we cannot be sun of the morning
dumping my feelings for you


i tried to meet and kiss her
she phoned we can’t meet today
i have just got the periods


love you


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