It’s an umbrella time :)

it’s an umbrella time.

The weather of kathmandu is quite fluctuating. Early in the morning it is warm. The rays of sun seems to penetrate us. The temperature gradually rises from around around 16*C and in the afternood it reaches around 32*C.
Thus to withstand the hot sun we need an umbrella. During the day time we can see lots of beautiful girls with their beautiful patterned umbrella in the street.

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I never thought of positive aspects of umbrella and never buy it. I always thought it would be okey and its always good to get wet in the rain because i love being in the rain and feeling the rain drops in and around the body.
These days during the evening time, we can’t even predict from which time the sower will start. The pierching sun is overtaken by the clouds. The clouds play their tricks hover around us for some minutes and start to cry suddenly and the rain starts.

If it dont rain in the evening or late afternood it is sure that it will rain in the night time. Within this month there are rare days when we haven’t have rainfall in the night and also few days when we haven’t seen this carizma of sun and heavy rain in the same day.

Three days back around three pm the shower started suddenly and heavely and it was more than 50 mm of rainfall. I got total wet, it was not problem for me because i love rain but i had important documents and laptop in my bag and it got wet. I could not feel fresh. Though the papers are totally damaged Thanks God that I had not to go to repair that laptop because i have heard lots of stories of laptop being damaged by the water but i have to thank god that my was safe.

images (1)images (7)Pink umbrella

I thought to buy an umbrella, though i didnot prefer it. While being out of valley, most of the time I use to buy plastic that can be used as raincoat; cheap and easy but i feared to wear that in the valley so i went to buy an umbrella. I am bad at choosing the things and especially bargaing the price, because we all know that lots of bargain has to be made in the shops of Kathmandu to get the actual price of the object.

As i entered the shop, my eye stuck at the beautifully designed umbrella; it was designed for the girls; colorful, beautiful patterns and most importantly it could be folded in such a small parts that can be fit in the palm at the end. The shop owner showed me some of the umbrella but none was in my mind. Finally i fixed to buy that umbrella. Mainly I choose that because it was really portable that i could not do in the so called male color (blue,black, brown), and secondly the beautiful patterns and color just attracted me 🙂 yesterday i thought to use that umbrella in sun but don’t had the courage.Later I used it in the rain.


I thought it would be better if I could share the umbrella with a beautiful girl, then the umbrella will get justice. hahaha
Though my sisters are asking for that umbrella because it is so sweet accourding to them, I want to use it for some time so that I could share that with the beautiful girl. I will be using that for more couple of days and if I could not succeed I will gift to my sis.


Simple example of todays weather taken from The Titi Tudorancea Bulletin

Here I am waiting forward for someone to join my umbrella; give justice and flavor to my new umbrella.
Any way don’t forget to carry an umbrella these days. Because at any time there could be hot summer day and splashing rainy day in between these hours.


3 thoughts on “It’s an umbrella time :)

    1. yes it is cloudless in the morning but from where these clouds fly during the day and pour at us during the late afternoon :). I don’t want rain any more I just want some cool weather 🙂

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