dark and bright colors

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how am I looking?

And it’s the month of Shrawan; in my opinion the Month of true colors. Yesterday it was Monday and all the red and green saree’s and bangles were brilliant, lots of girls had birta fasting in the name of God Shiva who is said to help them to provide them the husband of their choice.
Interesting but girls these days are taking it as fashion and compulsion. It’s always good to see the vibrant colors in the streets, but it does not mean that you must have to wear one.  Similarly the mehandi at the hand is great. Even my grand mother was wishing to have mehandi with my sisters day before yesterday. Any way its good to see a girl in saree, with yellow and green bangles with red dress; with some dark mehandi at her hand. I have heard that longer the darkness of mehandi on your hand more the husband will love you.  The combination of green red and few stripes of yellow is great in this month of green.

At the moment the nature is green; if we look around. Not much in the core of valley because most of the paddy growing field has been converted to concrete houses these days; we can see the different tones of the green and it always refreshes the mind.  The small paddy plants are always good to see; it feels great when small breeze of air moves that plant.

foul flower
a flower that turned into foul

Monsoon is probably the best time to be in Kathmandu, lets forget about the slippery and muddy roads for the moment. This shower washes dirt and dust from the atmosphere. The green lush in the floor and the dark blue  in the roof sky. Its really charismatic.  The different patterns of the clouds adds the beauty in this beautiful painting of the nature. Wow

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may be she missed loved one in plane

Wow its really sad story. Yes hundreds of people die each day but the question remains how they die. According to the Daily news it’s a Putin’s war but what is to be done with those innocents. Some of them were for the humanity cause. Around nine of them were for the gathering of the AIDs program. I think the most of the Dutch who were in MH17 had nothing to do with the Putin or may be not involved in any revelation ford.  I wonder at this time where humanity is and peace; what has to done by the normal flights. And the investigation; its tangled between different known and unknown circumstances. I wonder what does the investigation gives, the body gets moved and the presence of revelation is highlighted. May be truth. What has it to do with the truth? At the moment the only truth is someone is missing their loved one for no reason. And as I see the video of loved one remembering their someone the tear comes from the eye. Iran’s nuclear quest; Iraz turmoil; gaja bombardment; rocket and mortar attacks ooo where is peace; where is rest and satisfaction.

Oh I need to take rest in the bed for more one week. It has been a bad week. I am suffering from the fever and doctor says it’s due Typhoidal Salmonella that been attacking on my body. And doctor gave me some medicine and told me to have total bed rest for at least a week.  It’s really exhausted. The fever is really fluctuating so I sometimes I feel a bit fresh comparatively but most of the time I feel I have taken strong dose of cannabis. I sometimes feel so weak that it’s hard to move my own legs. It’s really tiring. I can now feel every muscles and bones of the body hahah. And while coughing ooo the diaphragm is like exploding. But medicine given by the doctor is slowly working I am feeling better than yesterday.

These days the doctor’s job has been easy as most of the works is done by the pathologist.  They identify the virus/ bacteria or other disease causing agents that is on the body. Medical represents frequently visits them to have the remembrance of the medicine. And if they are confused they give some multispectral high dose antibiotics so there is high probability of being cured but the patient usually don’t know about the multispectral antibiotics; s/he don’t know that  literally s/he is provided with a bunch of necessary and unnecessary medicines enrolled in a single wrapper.

And there was one person on the medicinal hall. Oh! You have got typhoid.
You eat water of outside.
I don’t know what the outside means in Kathmandu valley
I say Yes.
May be it was my overconfident; may be it was my mistake. I have seen the water sample tested of the many of the parts of the Kathmandu valley and outside and even I have been involved in some of them. I can tell with high level of significance even on the  piped water supply and ground water is not free from the  E.coli and we most of the  people of Kathmandu use it without boiling. And I thought may we have adapted to the situation; may be we have grown enough resistance of some level of water pollution. So I thought why to buy water when you can get it for free and this free water has now increased the fee for the medicines.

bed rest and medicines

At this mean time I have writing two posts consecutively. Actually I am writing in draft and thinking to paste it in blog when there in good internet speed. The internet is not working good  in my area. I don’t know what is all with Nepal Telecom.

Actually, I have not posted in any social media that I am at bed rest and don’t feel like posting; Early in the morning one friend called me for a good cup of coffee and he told me to write about the second part of Chadragiri hiking or delete saying part one from that post so I started to finish the post about chandragiri that was half written on my draft. After writing that I feel like writing this one.

Actually, we sometimes wish some friend to call us. Rather than just give them a call. We want to hear from them that they remembers us. This is actually I am feeling right now. I know some of the friends will look at this post and I have included being suffered from fever at the lower paragraphs because most of us don’t go thoroughly on the contests we just view them not feel them. If someone interests they will find out otherwise it does not matter.

I used to think why does someone used to say did you do this! Did you do that!  Did you forget to do! Did you put! to their near one of the family one is ill. It has less concern to them because they are not in good health, why do s/he need to think so much while there are several in the family to take care of. But now what i have felt is during the time of total bed rest you have nothing but the weakened feelings and mind is hovering around the different useful and non-useful topics, and usually they are not strong pictures. And some is happening with me. In fresh mind all things fades there is the fresh environment and the fresh air. I mean the green color inspires me. The beautiful painting of the green by the nature, dramatic and colorful clouds and red sarees just attracts me.

Okey okey okey now my joints are paining extremely. My joint at the arm is in severe painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



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