Chandragiri Hiking (I)

Oh you are 64th leech that you have tried to bite me but still you are dead. Hahaha.  Oi, K. here are so much of leeches watch your feet hai.

Watch my feet okey!! Did you see any one; 72 of them are already in my legs let’s see how many of them will try to make their stomach full. Oh, God I feel something inside my pant. Oh, I am feeling something.

You are in the middle of the forest and you are feeling something what does that mean.

Something has just pinched inside my underwear

Oh no I don’t believe it. What a great story to hear. Who told you to wear half pant in the hiking? Fuck you, and your style of being cool. Look inside I am sure the leech reached to your penis. Hahahhaha (he kept on laughing). Oh I have heard that it gets swollen once it bites there let’s see how much is it swollen hahahhahha.leech trying to reach to the top

WOW what a great!!!! we are in the middle of nowhere, we are technically lost in the heights of the mountains and bushes and grasses with these hungry leeches ready to eat you at any moment and here you are in terrible mood. What a great mountain to explore.


I told you it’s all due to you. You are the one who was desperate to climb the mountain. And u are suffering!!!! What a great. Always twitting like Oh I want to climb that mountain; Oh I want to be in the place from where the great hero, the person who had unified Nepal Prithivi Narayan Shah had seen the valley. Oh, I want to see the beauty of the valley from the height. Just twitting in @aurospec. You ecology enthusiast rey hawa. You have great name K. why do you have to change.

What is the significance of name here!! At the mean time I am feeling pain in the penis. You are the one who is so moody. Remember from the first how we constantly changed our planning. We had plan to climb the top of Chandragiri hill form Matatirtha. But how did you change the idea simply for no genuine reason.

Okey fine!! At that time it was around 7:15 am and we were both in the bus park near to Ratna Park. You know we had plan to hike from Matatirtha and we searched for the bus of Matatirtha but we saw no one in the queue and we had to wait. And wait for how long we did not know. So I suggested to climb up from the Thankot area.

 a flower

The starting was great. The trial starts just from the back of the Tribhuwan park. I had read in one of the blog that it was the route from where the vehicle had entered to the Kathmandu for the first time. It was the time when the vehicle did not carry the man but the man had carried the vehicle to the Kathmandu valley.

The route was really great. There was higher diversity of the flowers, butterfly and the birds. Though we could not get the clear snap of the birds the butterfly species were high and it was great to see all of that.

On the way we met the school students of the school they were moving towards Chitlang; for the night stay. The students and teachers numbered to around 100.It was really inspiring to see them climbing with such a great spirit. Talking about spirit we then meet four of the spiritually induced persons. They were four of them.

At first I tried to talk to them but may be they were so busy to the spiritual thinking that they did not give any interest to me and us. Later we hiked faster than them then the 30 started to talk. The four were of different ages; may be 25,30,35,40. Then 25 also joined our gang. 30 was great person, according to him he is doing the research after his masters on the music. In the middle of the forest he tranquilized us by playing the flute, and it was really a great piece to hear. We did not talk much to the 35 and 40 but 25 was really crazy interesting.

enjoying between the clouds

Basically What do you do!

I am the servant of nature, I enjoy the nature and do anything that nature put in front of me.

Interesting. I mean what you do to earn your living.

Oh that was my past life, I am trying to forget it. It has nothing to do with the present and what do you do!

I am a researcher. I said with pride. I am environmental science masters and doing my research.

In my last life I had seen some of the research, they are lifeless soulless. How much water, form where did it come, where is the disaster prone area blablabla . Its nonsense; look into the nature. Look at that water.( he pointed to the drop of water in the leaf). How much energy does it have! Wow what a great forest. Its moving my soul, look that water is vibrating due to its energy. I am feeling it. Research it, Add the spirit of the nature in the research then it will be research. Everything has soul find it and write about its character. Then it’s a science. You all are just the surface get the depth.

unknown wound formed after leech bite
unknown wound formed after leech bite

I am not anti to spirituality but at that time I feel a bit afraid and  did not get any word. I became speechless. I feel I am with the young immature spiritual follower who does anything without knowing the depth of the activities.

The travel books and the websites told the distance is worth of the 3 to 4 hours but it took us 2.5 hours with investing most of the time on photography listening to the flute and the nature music. We reached at the top of the Chandragiri hill. It was not as we had thought. Lots of change has occurred between Pritinvi Narayan Shah and us reaching the place.

From there the spiritual team headed towards Chitlang we towards the Matatirtha or Champadevi route. Some of the locals said that it is not the highest place you have to  go up and we headed towards up from where we could return to Matartirtha for going home . It was all the up road and the stairs.

The way was perfect with silence, at the mean time we heard the large something moving in the jungle near to us. We made our camera ready to get the perfect picture and watched for some time around the place where something heavy had moved then not a single thing moved; or seen;

I said okey we may have missed a bird. Lets move ahead.

It can’t be bird because it was moving large space.

Okey then, it may be a wild hen. We could have eat.

Oh we have to carry the net the next time for sure because we can catch both the birds and hen in it. We both laughed  and moved ahead.


Oh the top there was the Bhalesor mahadev. It is the actual heaight but few people reach here. Locals were offering the hen for the God in that place. Both of us were so thirsty so we drank water by begging with them coz we had already finished ours. There was not any statue or something like that but they were worshipping at the shade of the tree. They were making offerings.

It is the actual place from where whole area could be seen with the majestic mountains, the local said. We then headed down. We don’t knew the way but we had fixed our destination to Matatirtha. After  several turns we reached to the place where we had never thought of. It was border between Kathmandu and Sindhupalchok the Chap bhangyang. We both had been there but never expected to be there.

Unknowingly, I had reached there after 6 monthes and he after 2 years.

At the tea shop……….the local said from where did you come,

we said thankot-chandragiri-bhalesor  then here.

Oh you are only two and did not you encounter any wild boar in the forest. There are more than 40 in this mountain.

We remembered the moving object and stared to each other.



5 thoughts on “Chandragiri Hiking (I)

  1. Where do we start our hiking to reach Chandragiri…but I think it is not a good idea to go hiking in this rainy season..anyways I enjoy your post..thanks for sharing Kabiraj

    1. Its my pleasure Alisha. Actually its best to start from Thankot area just behind from the Tribhuwan Park and hike back to Matatirtha area or vice versa; but we randomly reached to Dakshankali which i thought to write in my part two which I will write soon and ya its not the good season to hike but we two persons did not have any thing to do on saturday so we climbed the mountain. haha Any way thanks for going though and if you are free after this rainy days are over you can go there. The flora, fauna and the beauty of nature is superb. And the view is splendid

    1. at this moment it seems funny but it was really a hard moment at that time; those gang of leaches stuck so hardly that while trying to move them away with just pulling each of them with hand was really hard; it just slipped out, so we grabbed leaves of some herbs/shrubs (like Artemisia vulgaris, Ageratina adenophora…) which is easily available in that area and pulled them off, at that time we had not taken any salt if it was there it would be easy because if we put salt in the area where they are biting they would just leave away.:)

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