another environment day with a notable slogan

Why are you speaking slowly?

Speak it loud.

The teacher was scolding to the school students and the students were happy because they don’t have to take the boring classes. At the same time, the piercing heat of the sun was killing them. Most of the student’s cheeks were red and they were walking on the bank of the road.  They were telling to stop the pollution and they were themselves embedded inside the dirt and dust of the road. This is the situation of the most of the schools celebrating the World Environment Day 2014 of the Kathmandu valley and other places while in some of the places the students were busy picking the small plants and thrown out bottles in and around the schools.

I was going to Kirtipur and on the way I saw it, besides this through the social interaction sites I knew most of the action on this day were rally, cleaning the buildings of schools and colleges and having some stalls showing how they are talking and showing their affection towards the nature and mother earth.

Raise your voice what does it mean. Does it mean to scream or cry it loud? Most of the person understood like this. They mean that they should scream hard to make their voice make it heard.

Nevertheless we should not forget that the official slogan for this year 2014 World Environment Day is ‘Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level and the theme for focus on ‘Small Islands and Climate Change’,

We should here focus on the theme too. This year theme gives more emphasis on Small Islands Developing States.

WED 2014 is being globally hosted by Barbados, a small Caribbean island leading the way in solar energy. It is one of the smallest independent states in the world, Barbados faces many challenges like climate-induced sea level rise and  vulnerability to natural disasters. According to Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart in celebrating WED this year, the country’s goal is “to be heard loudly and clearly, maintaining the place of Barbados firmly in the mainstream of the discourse and action on the future of Small Island Developing States,” The country is steadfastly overcoming these challenges through its work in transitioning to a green economy.

Talking about Nepal have we started the green economy! Where are we in the path of green economy I still wonder! Besides that let focus on the things we have. We have the reservoir of the water and literally the place from where liquid water born. We have some of the biodiversity “hot spots”, containing some of the richest reservoirs of plants and animals on the planet. They are home to many endemic species — meaning that they are found nowhere else on Earth.

Yet, despite our wealth of culture, tradition and many of nature’s resources, we the states of the Himalayan kingdom and many Small Island Developing States face a range of challenges. For a significant number, our and their remoteness affects our ability to be part of the global supply chain, import costs and our competitiveness in the tourist industry.

We have lots of scope but how much are we known to the world. Once there was kalapatthar meeting to expressing that our glaciers are melting but since that what we have done. Climate Change policy is just made but who knows the details and where is it being implemented. Local and National Adaptaion Plan are known only to the bureaucrat and policy makers. I don’t think the poor local in the foothills of the Himalaya do know about it perfectly.

Himalya the powerhouse of the water is known but who knows Nepal. Few tourists know about our country, and most of them know when they come to India. This is not the made story but as far as I am informed few know the existence of the Nepal and Himalaya all knows. Why are we not able to make our identity till now!!! Why are we not able to scream in the global level that we exist and we are critically vulnerable to the existence of our life and belongings? Why are we not able to raise  our voice loud and  make it large?

We are extremely vulnerable to the immediate effects of climate change and its devastating impact. We should not be defeated by fear. Instead, we have to step up and show extraordinary leadership and resilience. We should raise our voice, scream out loud through the plans, policy, research and negotiations at the international level to make the world know that we exist. And we exit in such a poor scenario despite having the perfectly gifted best resources that we ought to get.

Despite we have contributed little to the problem, we should focus on the pioneering solutions for a more sustainable future. We should focus on ingenuity, innovation and use of traditional knowledge to combat climate change and help protect not only ourselves but the world’s – our (global perspective) – oceans and biodiversity.

It’s time for Learning about the Earth, our carbon footprint and ways to reduce it, technique to help to protect the planet. Do something concrete so that we are heard in the global level that we exist and we are very vulnerable!! So raise your voice not the sea level.


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