Friends!! Who are they??

I am confused now!

I enjoyed totally within small arena of living. Whatever they criticize or think of me I never put that in my hard disk. Whenever they were having serious meeting about further planning I was talking with one of my friend about the tomorrows plan to go hiking around Sivapuri, or birdwatching in nagdaha. While they were making the reports I was painting unmatched colors in the uncompleted sketch.  While they were playing cards I was blogging or chatting with my friends online.

I am poor creature.  I gave damn to all short of things like being formal and obeying the rules just because they are written, and importantly respecting other for the sake of showing, following always to the so called successful ones.  Actually I lived with all my definitions and way of living; I virtually gave zero significance to the all the so called tricks, methods or the socially valuable methodizes to be in the limelight.

They worked hard and they are at the best positions. I don’t envy of you but I can proudly say that my friends are at great post at great place.

Vacancy announced at an office where my three friends and other few unknown (to me) had joint investment.

Now I am also economically poor these days and I thought I have friends at that office so why not give a shot, they will surely take me as we are best friends and we could work together.

I did not give them any call after I applied for the post because I told ni I am poor creature I don’t like to follow other for shake of my personal benefit or the desire of my benefit.

The interview was called I went there. They were surprised to see me. They exchanged few facts from their eye, I could not see the image they were sharing.

There were around twelve persons.  Few asked questions as:

Can you tell more about yourself besides that of c.v.

Okay, tell me about the interesting thing you have done.

The four friend’s of mine questions were:

Why did you preferred to our office than the others!!

Could you still buy our products if you don’t get the job here?

Tell me about your best and worst habit of you!

Tell me about the bad aspect of your life.!!!

…… and i was speechless


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