walking down the streets of Kathmandu with a small boy

A.. Brother we should cross the road by the zebra crossing.

Me.. Its too far lets do it from here and the vehicles are too far away.

A.. No our teacher said we should must go to the zebra crossing.

Lets go

(the boy starts to drag my hand )

Me.. Okey okey lets walk a bit more then.

A.. Our teacher said we should always have good habit and share with the other.

Me.. That’s good

A.. Okey! here is the most awaited zebra crossing lets go through it.

( In happiness unknowingly, He leaves my hand and moves alone in the road as if a dancing star)

A large sound of more than 200dB chunks at my ear.

The boy is caught by the father

A harsh sound is heard.

Who told you to walk alone in such a fast traffic!!

What would happen if that bus had hit you!!

Why did you left the hand of the brother!!

Don’t you understand that the bus can hit you!!!

(He started to bring tears to his eyes, he came to me)

( I hugged him, hold him tightly)

A.. Brother our teacher said that while we are walking in the zebra crossing the bus should stop it.

Its his mistake, the bus should stop while the passenger are walking in the road.

Its written in the book, the teacher had told us.

( I could not say any word to him)( how can I tell him that there so much difference in what is written and implemented in the field)

( How can I teach a boy of 8 years that we read but the fact is totally different in the road)( I don’t know how to tell him that life in Kathmandu runs in harsh and chaos rather than rules and order). 

I did not have any word to give his answer.


dedicated to Aanirudra

Don’t you know the vehicle will kill you.


2 thoughts on “walking down the streets of Kathmandu with a small boy

  1. Being a full time primary teacher myself, sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to tell them these rules that’s hardly is implemented in our context.

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