Searching Leopaardoo around the Pilot Baba temple and the safe hands

Dedicated to Sneha, Aanandita and Ghimire anuj

We know it’s not a tiger but locals call it tiger and we don’t feel like objecting with them. When we try to convenience them it becomes useless. We know it’s a leopard. Ohh! Leopoordo.

Searching for Leopoordo is great but what if one of the new friend don’t remember the way back to place of stay and don’t know the address.

The leopards just come to the village eat the dogs and return to the jungle. It’s not the conflict. It, actually nothing and the people are happy with it. It is as simple as that. How can it be so simple; I am confused!!!

Actually I was confused at the beginning how can he bring a girl with him. He had tell me that he would bring a friend with him but how can it be a girl. Did he seriously started to flirt a girl; or he love fell in love. It can’t be.

It can’t be his girlfriend. People tell him crazy but I always wonder what the definition of crazy is. When some of my friends can’t do something they have in the mind and they ask me to do and when I do it they call me crazy; Is doing or speaking whatever your minds tell is being crazy. Is he crazy? Did he made a crazy idea of bringing a girlfriend in a hike and why did  then he call me !!! to be a villen in the story. I could not understand. Suddenly he introduced to me.

Ani she my friend hai A.

Okey, I am K.

These were the things that come in my mind as I saw her. Actually he (a good friend of mine) is doing his thesis about the wild animals that are entering into the urban area and we were set to go to Suryabinayak, Pilot baba and Ghampa dada for the reconciliation survey of the research.

We were friends since the college life and I know him well but as I saw A. I asked about her and moreover about meeting my friend (he) G. and they both shared the smiles and said it’s a complicated story.

Three of us, headed towards the Suryabinayak. It’s a temple about 2 km right of the Suryabinayak Bus Stop while going from Bhakktapur toward the Banepa side in Araniko highway. We headed upward to the Pilot baba temple and after around one hour we reached the top and the landscape was simply beautiful.  The clouds were playing games in the sky and their games made us unable to see the white Himalaya but we could see how beautiful the place is.

Pilot baba temple
Pilot baba temple

On the way uphill we were trying to take the snaps of moving beautiful butterfly and we were able to take some pretty good snaps. The new person to me A. is being really interesting and I even don’t know from which situation I started to act with her as if I had talked and is friend with her since ages.

And suddenly it started to rain so heavily as if Lord Indra is holding water for ages and pouring all of it now ; all at once. We entered a shop and we started to have black tea, actually we later realized  it was spot for the best homemade liquor. The shopkeeper himself was experimenting the strength of his own liquor since the early morning. As we were sipping not liquar but kalo chiya a white girl. Oh I mean an foreigner came and asked for a seto chiya.

While preparing the seto chiya the shopkeeper was saying he was good at travel guide, rafting guide, kayaking but he was saying some strange names for place near to New Road that he had been and while we gave him our camera to take the snaps he said that he could see only one person in the screen. We said just move a bit and we all will be seen in the screen. He tried but also he said I can see only you or you. Was it due to zoom. I went to see and what we could see is that he was seeing the past snap and telling he is seeing the through the lens. Wonderful

After the tea time was over we climbed to the Ghampe dada. We saw the gori KT with the goro chiya so we asked her if you would like to join with us. She was free so she joined with us. She was actually from Spain and have been in Nepal for some meditation and yoga classes. Her name was S. After we were formally introduced G. told you are in the safe hands.

G ~ We are here for the research and two of them are environmentalist and me is zoologist and we are here for searching for the leopard and other wild animals and their interference to human.

S~ leopard????

S~ oh leopaardoo

G~ leopaardoo hahah

We all said yes leopaardoo.   S. looked at us and gave us a beautiful smile.

G~ You will not get the leopaardoo now. You are in the safe hands we all of three love nature and leopaardoo will do no harm to us. If you had been alone here, we cannot say anything to your life.

We enjoyed the way of speaking and we enjoyed the language. During the tea time after he had hiked back to the base we were not only sharing the culture but we were teaching S. Japanese language not the Nepali; hahah. The two of the friends are expert in Japanese and Spanish while the foreigner is Spanish so I was only the one with a single language but also it was fun. A. was making the list of the things and facts she knew from S. I think the memory much matters than the facts and numerals.


Ghampa dada is for drinking local wine, this is the identity given by the local to their local place. Interesting.

Interesting, it rained so heavily during hiking back to the base and there was only an umbrella. Girls are pretty and pretty at planning we boys don’t think much of upcoming days and we enjoy the moment. And it happened there, we all enjoyed the rain, the slippery road, the dead caterpillar, one umbrella, one jacket, and four of us downhill and A. yelling out in loud words I love this moment.

After short back to the Suryabinayak main road. During the walk we did some random sampling and we found that there are more than 10 leopaardoo but they don’t do any harm now. But it was some years back there was human causaulty. These days the leopaardoo just come and eat the dogs and go back to the jungle.

One respondent told that there is more mosquito in the jungle in the rainy season so tiger/ leopard will come to the village. Interesting have to do google on it. I had not known it.

She was foreigner but she had been as friend to us during that short trip and as we reaches to the bus station she says she had not been here before and she is lost. S. is lost and she don’t know the name of the place where she stays. I told her to make a call to the house owner where she is staying. Finally we knew the name of the place where she is staying and we were not been there ever and we decided to take her to that place.

We could have left her in the middle of the road and told her that you go just this way. A had lots of appointments and her phone was ringing every 2 min. but also we thought to help her to her home without thinking anything more. Also we had told her you are in the safe hands before she was lost. Hahah

And finally after one hour of walk, inside the thimi area we reached the ancient home with the modern furniture and well gardened house and this was the place where she stayed. Actually it was the Danish supported organic farm house and  tourist come here to stay and be close with nature and she S. is one of the brave girl who just saw a beautiful white temple in the middle of the jungle and just make a hike to that place alone. Perfectly alone in the middle of the jungle. Brave interesting blond girl. hehe

Finally we made her to the safe hands. hahah

It was all great. It was great meeting A. and S. It was great day. The thesis field turned to the something interesting. Something new smell, some new taste and new adventure and fun. Love you all.



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