ke garne!!! its two year mountain

dedicated to Phil Deutschle

Ke Garne!!! After two years in Nepal, it was not just the Nepali attitude, it was my attitude as well Ke Garne!!!

I am now around 24 years and I am to read about a person who had been here ten years before I was born and at that time he was 24 years; what is this crazy Ke Garne. I think I will love it. He traveled to Dudh Kosi to Namche, Lobuche and Everest and back to Island Peak and then over to Chikim La to Kangchung, and then to Namche via Gokyo also to Lasi Lapcha. At the other side is me just sitting in the room 🙂

How can be mountains be so high and beautiful; how can we Nepali sit in the room and around the city just talk about each other while those amaarikans come and explore more of our country more than we do; Do amaarikan bride cry in marriage. Amma amaaa, ammaiyeeee. heahahha. We have been in the culture and been preserving it while these amaarikans move a lot and explore the world. We say only hucha! Huncah!! while these amaarikans don’t only run with time frame but also can do “Haainse! Hose!!” while erecting the lingu  to mark the Neplai New year day in the remote Himalayan village Aiselukharka, Sindhupalchok.

 Two years of mountain. Can a mountain be of two years? I don’t believe it.

Just below it was written. A Nepal journey. Okey!! great a travelogue by a person who stays in Nepal and he is describing a Nepali about Nepal let’s see it.  How is Nepal from the foreigner’s perspective? I just thought that and grabbed the book and came home a week back.

Ke garne!! bhole parsi padaula

The book lost inside the room of mine. But one day, I didn’t have anything to do and there was no light. I opened the first few pages of the book. It was more than a travelogue and as I started; I got lost into it. Except the hours I had to do something very important work I went through the book and it was great peasure for me.  Actually I had lost the habit of reading books. I was feeling bored, I had book in my shelf but I did not have enough courage to read those words. But this book made me imagine the situation and read. The book is well structured between the social experience and snowy white mountains experience. Loved the way it is framed. Simple yet powerful.

I am in sink or swim situation. I loved the book and I thought to write about the book and in this middle of the page I don’t know what to write and how to write. A young volunteer come to Nepal to explore the untouched beauty of Nepal and help the needy people bounded by some rules but he falls in such a sandwich of pain and sufferings that he plans to return but as he reach in the office he express the problems not the request to go back to homeland and he is next to Aaiselukharka, in Nepali the  barren land where there is only the wild berries and there is no water. Aaiselu can be eaten while kharka is used to make the roof for some house. (I don’t know exact meaning but I derived it here just now haha). He thought to stay there for one year while his volunteer ship was actually for the two year; the facility of leaving whenever one feels bad is always open for every volunteers.

Peace Corps volunteers, frankly haven’t known about Peace Corps until I have read this book. May be today also there are many of them in Nepal or may not be I have to search thorugh it. I imagine the situation of then and now and see what is the change since then; Nothing remarkable.

The culture don’t mix like the colors. The stronger culture would drown out and supersede the milder slowly.

Amaarikan volunteer Phil Deutschle becomes Philsir and later a friend and actively initiate the acts like science experiments and lab, tree plantation, doctor for some needy people and close observer of the Nepali tradition and culture.

Kathmandu have changed a lot, so called place for hippies and drug supplies has changed and at this time I cannot spot the location where he stayed during his stay in Kathmandu though he has clearly defined the location. But the villages are still the same. I remember how he explained the beauty of burning body. Its still live and vivid. The culture is splendid out here. Though the bright colour is putting the shadow over the light colour the colour is still there.

ke garne is the common word when we are into the situation when we don’t know whats next or how to take next action, its an expression of delima and confusion. Ke garne is one of the common word of Nepal and the Phil has stated it in number of times in the book and its like having a great pain of the teeth and crying at the mean time the house owner Krishna Bhakta comes and says is it due to the boksi!! Ke garney nepal na ho!!

How does one feel when some one says I don’t see the future with you while the person is just waiting for that future to happen and make love but it happens. she left him for being absent in that time though the letters and writer do not express it. I had thought it would be harder than the tooth ache the person is suffering but the time become the best medicine and when we have nothing to remember and we are into the situation or work so much that we forget which day is it; Wednesday or Thursday.

Though I have not been out of the country but I have been with the persons who have come here stayed here and some are here for more than fifteen years and some are frequent traveler and they have helped lots of child to grow and some are frequent on hiking to Himalayas. They are well acquiescent with the Nepali politics more than I do ha ha ha ho ho. I still remember one hongkong friend C. asking me when is the protest here, I want to see it. I said its now out of season haw haw haw. While Phil sir has clearly explained then’s political situation.

Astonishingly beautifully the mountain expression are expressed and it is intermingled with the social experience in such a way that the reader can choose the separate and even can get the mixed flavor.

two year mountain
book cover page

At the mean time I got the feeling, did he die or still alive… Did his so called girlfriend again got together…. how does he look if he is alive…

He started the journey with Nepal where he started by being sick for weeks at a time, feeling desperately alone and isolated, struggled to learn the Nepali language to the point where he could actually teach and integrate himself into his school and community life in his village and at the end a part of him died while leaving the aishelukharka.

I googled him and it read Phil Deutschle is an international educator and writer.  With a life spread over six continents, and speaking a dozen languages, he is a true citizen of the world.

He is old now, I just saw his image; I have to ask him how is his those fractured fingers and how is the situation of those random paining teeth.

He had been in the place where listening to the news on the radio of great pride and honour. And I found now he is old and now searching the answers  of the following questions:

Can people from vastly different cultures truly connect?

Can that bond survive great distance and time apart?

I also found I had read the older verson of the book “two year mountain: a Nepal journey” and he is soon in Nepal for the answers to the questions

Ke garne !! how could I write so long about a book and person I think it’s enough. I had not done this before ke garne. Lastly, I wish great success for “the searching for nepal” and days ahead in his life…




2 thoughts on “ke garne!!! its two year mountain

  1. Namaste Karibaj! Yes, this is Phil Deutschle, himself. Thank you for your very kind words. I enjoyed your take on the book. Too bad that you got the old edition. In the updated version, there are color images, better maps, and best of all, a handful of new chapters covering my return to Nepal thirty-four years after I had first gone there as a Peace Corps volunteer. And, yes, there is a feature-length documentary coming out, Searching for Nepal. All is revealed at Eveyone’s support is greatly appreciated. Pass the word! If you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer. Be well, Phil Deutschle

    1. Thank you so much that you went through the post and enjoyed the words. Nothing specific words but would like to wish you a great success for the work you are doing. Have a great time ahead in life. enjoy.

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