Patan Durbar Square and it’s beauty

Golden temple

At Patan where is that!

Among the three durbar square of the Kathmandu valley Patan is my favorite and I haven’t seen that I don’t believe it.

I don’t believe there is golden temple at Patan. It’s in bhaktapur.

This is the expression of one of my friend N. when I told him that yesterday I went to the patan durbar square.

I got bored in this crowed city. Went to Biratnagar for some days stayed there for some days. There I stayed three days with old grandfather mother and next three days with the newly born child and some days I spent by meeting the different relatives at different places. I couldn’t withstanding the hot weather of the area which is trending and I returned back to Kathmandu.

As I came back to Kathmandu I felt, Kathmandu is dirty, unmanaged yet it is lovely. Beauty lies in the appalling life of the people; it’s like the abstract painting. We have to observe a lot with detail to get the beauty in this city. hahah

Few days back, I got some extra hours and I couldn’t decide what to do next so I planned to go to the Patan Durbar Square. While going form pulchok to patan durbar square I entered almost all the bahals, mahabihars and I found them astonishingly beautifully placed.

We most of the time go to the Durbar Square area stay for hours but there are also many beautiful architectural buildings and temples near to the square that can make us more happy and glad. Padmawoti Mahabihar, Golden Temple, Yeshhodhar Mahabihar are the some of the places to visit near to the durbar square.


krishna mandir
patan durbar square

Krishna Mandir of Patan its marvellous: we almost all have been there. praised its beauty and glory. the places are lovely and you can get the total peace out there.

patan durbar square
patan durbar square

also sometimes you can catch the youth especially the college boys and girls having their date. In my opinion its a safe place for them to chat because only few new people enter to these areas so that they can have smooth conversation and also its socially secure because some of the women or men or other local are busy with their daily activities.

golden temple patan durbar square
golden temple patan durbar square

its on the way to the bangalamukhi temple and the temple is incredibly beautiful.

Patan Durbar Square
i did not understand the language but i liked it
mahabihar near to the patan durbar square
mahabihar near to the patan durbar square

i cant tell about tourist because I didnot see in any one of them as there are many such mahabihars and other structures but I have read about them in couple of the travel guides. May be the tourist love the main square so much that they dont even bother to look to other places.

interesting structure at mahabihar near to the patan durbar square
interesting structure at mahabihar near to the patan durbar square

If tourist are moving alone; What can be done is that local people can make some clear boards and other signs to show which architecture in which area. also the guides who take the tourist should first show them these architecture and then to the main square. so that they can enjoy the travel while going to the main square.


interesting structure at mahabihar near to the patan durbar square
maintenance of some structures.

Sometimes the path is much more interesting than the destiny itself. so the next time if you are going to the Patan durbar square if you have time from the Pulchok or Gwarko or jagawal or lagankhel or from any side just don’t forget to enter the mahabihars and enjoy the beauty of these monuments.


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