the story of two in this two monthes

Two months I had been silent in the wordpress. These two months are blown up by lots of stories of two.

I had to face the death of two close relatives.
One was my grandfathers brother who was staying in khotang, where I was born and lies in the eastern remote part of Nepal. I and my sister had planned to visit him after some months but it became the plan forever, we felt bad that we did not planned earlier and went to visit him. She is still crying and tells me not to make any plan but act as fast as the things comes in the mind. I am planning to go to Biratanagar next week hope this time the plan acts accordingly.
The next one was my friends father. The friend was really close to me and we were schools friends. We shared the same room during our hostel days. He is really hardworking and dedicated. He did everything for the family but the sad thing is that he could not meet his father at the last day when his father took the last breath and he is still feeling sad for this and he is crying hard for this and I be in front of him unable to do anything for him. I am feeling really sad for him. They shared the hard times together but at the time when the happiness is approaching his father left him and he is just weeping. I can understand his feeling and I cant do any thing expect to speak some words. I am feeling really bad for him.

I finished two exams
I had the exams of environmental science masters second year and I finished both the practical and theoretical work

I attended the two marriage ceremony
one was in the Maitighar and another in the Annapurna hotel. Both went on perfect and fine. one was of the boy and another was of the girl.

Two paths ahead

Exam is over and i am thinking of thesis and a job. So these two things are coming simultaneously at the same time.

The story of two is created randomly while being bore and in the delima whether i should update status in the facebook or write in the wordpress. These two ideas were constantly fighting in the two hemisphere of the brain. Left side is telling dont publish it, it has nothing special in it; you are just gathering the words. Right part of the brain is telling every feeling can get the value and can be posted in the net.

my left and right hands are fighting which side of the keyboard”s shift bottom is better right or left side.


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