saraswati puja and climate change

aja ta nuhaunai parxa compulsory ho!!(must have to bath its compulsory)

same we use to tell while i was reading in two or three or five or any class and we feared to bath because of the cold.

and we have to bath because its the day of the goddess saraswati, the incarnation for the education a respect for her. today early morning was warm and it was not cold, it did not feel cold while bathing. it use to be so cold the previous years and i always use to tell why it should be so cold and gloomy in this day. and someone use to tell that its the test for your willingness and respect.

i opened the net and found a friend to talk to,  talked to the friend and shared my feeling about not being cold today  and he said its due to climate change the days are shifting faster, the winter has already finished in term of climate but in calender its still there my boy kabi.  he said due to climate change  change the summer  days are becoming more warmer and the winter days are becoming chiller and they are becoming less in number.

i said okey my great scientist thanks for the new and exciting view and trying to link everything to climate change. and may i ask you : is going bald is also due to climate change because many i see days are the bald headed persons and i hear lots of rumors about it.

he said absolutely, due to climate change the chemicals are being more complex in the atmosphere and due pollution and these chemical involvement in the air it may be true but its on the serious research so i cannot explore all the fact to you now.

it is wonderful to look linking everything to climate change

finally happy day to you all may goddess saraswati give the strength to read and write more



2 thoughts on “saraswati puja and climate change

  1. Hello Kabi. I have not bathed today but I did at lunch time yesterday. I was in the UK for 11 or 12 days and I soaked in a hot bath every day. I felt so great after those soakings.

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