loadshedding and my download

i have to get that file anyway

i looked at the watch, it’s an hour left for the line to come ufffff

What do i do till then!!! ummmm  i dont know what do i have to do. i don’t know. i think i should search for it. oh i remembered one thing  while writing about the search actually about half of the persons who use net use google to search the contents  while other  half use the google to check if their internet is functioning properly. Interesting na!!!

oh i got nothing for the one hour so let’s watch some old newspaper.

i desperately waited for one hour watching the watch in every five or two or even one minutes.

it should have come!!!

o i checked the the load schedule routine ya its perfect timing. i am alone in the home this time so i have actually no one at the home to talk right now but the light did not came. I waited for no reason with no thinking other than light and the things I am going to do after the light and watching my laptop. With absolute nothing one and half hour and the light ignited.

I hurriedly stared my laptop. Joined it to the power as I had almost zero battery backup at that time. I opened and started to be online.

I tweeted on my twitter account and be on facebook. Saw a friend and started to say hellow

Oh I have to download the file I remembered and I searched the links and finally I got the one the file started and I saw a friend and started to talk to him. He shared me some songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4SMLnwoG4g and I found it lovely it was “ you gona miss me “ by pitch perfect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmSbXsFE3l8  but later I discovered that it was not a band or something like that it was a movie and I loved the song so much that I searched for the full movie. I searched it hard but all links and sign in things and I hated it so I texted to the friend and he said it’s in the hard disc that he   have left in my home few weeks back.

I searched it and started to look at it. I looked at the download status it was only 12%. I loved the movie and at the same time I was having big chat with the great friend and I learned to synchronize the Facebook and twitter and I did not like the idea!!! okey forget it, bullshit for me

He showed me some of the interesting links that I stopped the movie and started to go over that. Download status 24%.

I thought to watch the Grammy award ceremony and got stock in them. my friend s. called me. It was on some work. I came back to reality and its already 1.45 min since I opened my laptop. Downloaded 57%

Some marriage ceremony at Grammy what a joke and funny stuff to show the world. Its basically the fun I don’t know or want to tell anything about the long term relation ship but its basically a good memory.

I looked at the watch and the load shedding routine. i rembered a friend c. who was from hongkong and she had named power cut to the hotel where she stayed. i dont have any comment about that because thay are from the Symphony of Lights, Victoria Harbour.  Oh I have only about 45 min left. Downloaded 64%

Oh I will continue with the grammy performance. Interesting.

And ohhhhh shit. Fuck this line!! The power cut. I desperately watched the download status its 86%. i watched the watch it went 10 minute earlier. till then it would have finished.

I could have put the other things side and let it be downloaded first. I had to watch pitch perfect, grammy award and ohh how can I forget those torrents downloading all at the same time in the background. Fuck I waited to see the file and it was stuck in the 86%.

This is how my day went off by waiting for the light and doing absolutely nothing during the light hours. I don’t know how to say it.


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