kabi poet poem animal

my name is kabi raj khatiwada preferably kabi and it means poet in english but frankly i dont know how to  write poem and i can rarely understand the metaphor linked in the poems. i barely can get into the depth of the poem and meaning but if you give it to me to analyzie and read i give it my own definations and meaning which may not be as  in the actual depth of the poem

mr. poet still i remember name given to me. i remember four persons calling to me by this name, one just called me hahha

it was before some days i also cannot forget one compliment given to me by my friend e. , you are kabi write enough poems about me and us but don’t share this time may it be good to look after five year or a year this time, its not our time for being together, u can hate me but i have to be far from you, u  just write you can be good at it hahahh i still remember e. telling my facts, lyrics but the fact is i don’t know how to write poem

i still remember one friend a.  commment telling to remove so called slang words in the writing but i still say they are pillar of our language so i dont hesitate to use it

last evening a child i call him “phuchhe” came to me. he lives in the home next to my house. he asked me to help him with his winter homeworks. i helped other topic easily but there was one the toughest.

write a poem about animals in more than 30 lines


i have to look the dictionary to find the exact meaning of animal. though we all know what animals means, we all know it but how to define it i confused and write a poem on it. And precisely it was for the six class student. i really don’t know how to do it and finally i helped him with this way:

animals are small or large creatures
they have many features

they can be cold or warm blooded
and are found in even desert and in shed

they eat all the things
they love to be with human beings

some are herbivorous and some are carnivorous
they love to eat meat or some love the grass

small animal is rat and cat
cat chase to rat and rat eat our mat

protected rhino is one horned in nepal
we cannot get its horn at the mall

elephant and camel never love each other
we should all join hands to conserve these nature

some are wild and some are domestic animals
they are also mostly the mammels

lion eats deer, deer eats grass
if the lion attacks you should run fasssst

the meat of rabbit our home is tasty
in the jungle we should walk safely

our national animal is cow
we should protect these creature anyhow

in our home we keep buffalow, goat, sheep
we give them food everyday heap and heap

cow goat sheep buffalow give us milk
we turn hair of sheep and  yak into silk

we keep dog in our home forever
they bark at some stranger

if we behave badly people call us animal
if leopard attacks we should run towards the hall

monkey can attacks us from the tree
we should hide our bag if its in the hand free

everwhere  animal animal animal
small or big, thin or fat we should all protect  animal

its all i could write hahahhahha


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