9 most talked topic and my crazy thinking on it

I have a cascade of feelings. But this time I should write about nine of the most talked topic and my crazy little feeling and happenings for it.

1=> Moon: I never used to enjoy the moon so much, I used to think that why do people stare at stars and moon for hours. Actually there was power cut in our area so I had nothing to do just went to the roof and as I saw the perfect circled moon I was captivated. I hesitated to move any distance and I looked at it for hour for no reason, why did I look at that and what was the feeling behind that I still don’t know but I am sure that I didn’t notice the time passing. When my friend J. use to watch the moon, stars and fall asleep watching those little spots in the sky I use to tease him for being crazy, looking to the sky for hours but I found myself looking at the moon.

2=> Energy crisis and our affluent behavior:  Eons ago, various forms of life became defunct. A civilization then evolved which actually extract the remains of that defunct life from the earth and turn it into energy. It was so little at that time it was thought to be getting the blessing gift of the Mother Nature. But when a child is given freely to gulp the milk of the mother then sometimes the child bites the nipple of the mother and this time we are actually biting the nipples of our mother so hardly, badly and desperately, also we are living by eating our forefathers. Look at the petroleum products, how is it formed, how much we are sucking. We are basically playing with our forefathers and mothers and making our life turn into the defunct soon. We are dependent upon those liquids such that we cannot actually think of living outside of those products made from the ancestor. Mother Nature is cursing upon us for sucking upon her. She is sitting somewhere and saying you bitch don’t you know when, how and where should you eat. She is angry with us and As a result, now we are challenged to avoid making our own style of existence defunct.

3=> Ice and research: Walking by the path of Douglas Mawson who was an Australian geologist, Antarctic explorer; academic a group of climate scientist in a Russian ship tried to follow the way but stuck in the middle of the ice. Though there has been the rescue they are all said to be saved at this mean time.  Citing one critics they are virtually in the middle of the ice while trying to study ice, some other critics states that they tried to study the climate science but they themselves became the victim of climate change.

4=> Easy to criticize other and blame to other: I was not there in the freezing temperature so don’t like to say anything about the trip, stuck in the ice and bla bla. But also I wonder why did they tried to move the path of the explores but forget to do the basic search when and how they are going and compare it with the morgan why didn’t the great scientists know  the ice properties in the winter

unfinished sketch
unfinished sketch

; I don’t think I the small person should tell them about this simple fact to them before travelling. However what’s behind the scene is still to come. Those scientists are now enjoying the Christmas and New Year at this mean time as they did not enjoy much in the ship hahah.

5=> Climate change and emerging new market: IPCC is releasing its fifth assessment report, some of the reports has already arrived. Though I am student of climate change I sometimes feel that as the market of the commodities and goods is decreasing and there are large stories of unstable market, decreasing economic activities. At the same time the stories of greenhouse gases and the different approach are just the way of launching the new idea and definition of shopping and marketing. If you don’t believe them just see what are JI, international trading emission, CDM, reed plus, and how do they function also. It the new beginning of making the gases as the commodities for buying and selling.  I think they will soon be in the stock market. Haahah.

6=>too cold: America is having the cool weather, there is frequent snow storms lots of the people are feeling the chilling weather and even there is story of the death of the people. So called great scientists believe that it is due to polar vertex. Is it a joke, i am trilled to remember the consequences of the polar vortex. and eventually the same temperature of all the place, oh i cant remember, how could we live, lets  not talk about it.

7=> Love: how can I not talk about the love? I became really crazy this time, what is this!! I told I  loved to a girl whom I will never meet(I believe so) the next time and barely know the details of her background and never thought about the consequences. i liked it and said it as simple as this. This really proves that love is really a blind hahhha

8=>Truth and confess: I had to make several stories to confess what I am telling is true to a Bangladeshi friend. I was almost caught for telling lies but also I kept on making stories and yesterday I read one article about Bangladeshi I remembered that friend and the frankness. I don’t like to search that friend in the net just to tell the truth so truly speaking July was true and it’s around 25 because the date is still confusing hahaha

9=> Adaptation: I am really feeling cold. I am inside the blanket to keep myself warm. The morning temperature of Kathmandu is running down the barometer and I hope soon it will reach to the zero. I am having the common cold, my parents believe that its due to the cold so I am not taking any medicine. Lastly I would like to cite the saying of one of the journalist who writes; the different status are being updated and lots of stories are being shared by the humankind about the human kind however Apocalyptic climate change is upon us And we are enjoying the dystopian landscape


2 thoughts on “9 most talked topic and my crazy thinking on it

  1. Ho Kabi. I agree with you totally about the way humans are raping this planet. I hate it Kabi. I have friends who say they are green and care about our planet but they are forever taking long unessential pleasure trips in their gas guzzling four wheel drive. It just doesn’t add up to me. Anyway I am a friend of this planet and I really do care.

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