Happy New Year 2014 🙂 🙂 :).

lots of discussion is going on about the resolution and asking me about mine

Actually, not any resolution this year!!

Resolution!! Why to make and break. So I don’t make this year. Let the time pass, let the situation  be upon me. I will handle at that time.

What’s the use of making promises and assurances to make yourself sad and unhappy, why to bound ourself to do  that or not to do.

If you tell someone that you will visit him he will make his home clean and tidy make every items  ready for something to eat, try his best to serve you and if you don’t go to him(may be both  intentional or by chance) how much he will cry or hate you. He may have left lots of appointments  just for you, allocated lot of time for the moment; all went in vein. So don’t assure that him that  you are coming.
5new-year-5-2009But sometimes you feel like going to him and made a surprise visit to his home. How happy he  will be you can feel it, see it enjoy the randomness present in the home, enjoy the way he  behaves with all the stuffs in promptly and handles easily. By this way you can share more  feelings and intimacies. That’s lovely. All things so naturally and we are beautiful in our natural  way.

The planning will give him lots of time to think and lots of agenda to discuss and the togetherness  can convert into the serious board meeting. And if there is not the discussion in any topic of your  choice for very reason or if there is some obstacles or if the situation did not go as you had  planned or there are more characters in the role or ( there can be many or )how will you cry and  feel sorry for the most waited moment

So, I am planning to welcome  any guest at any time. I mean any situation at any time. During  these time what I have felt is that planning and happening if it doesn’t go simultaneously it will  make u feel bad. So, why to hurt our self, why to wait someone so desperately, why to keep our finger crossed every time, why to bound to self; why not we unleash ourself

I am eager to see and accept new one at any moment on my doorstep of my life and I don’t have to leave anything this time because if someone/ something comes/ starts it will surely go one day so enjoy now



happy new year 2014 to u all

enjoy a lot make this year a memorable one

live every moment



2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014

  1. If people don’t show up after making an appointment, they are rude and inconsiderate. Somebody did that to me a few months ago. Not even a phone call to tell me. I deleted that person.

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