Nepathya concert and the singing mind

The event was perfectly timed, just after the office time is over, just there is the sunset, just the vehicle traffic is low and just the time to have coffee in the evening.

1526290_10151573373188078_1826242164_nNepathya is a popular Nepalese music band that was formed by three students from Pokhara, studying in Kathmandu,  Nepathya is best known for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth-friendly pop and rock tune. Nepathya became the first Nepalese band to perform at Wembley Arena UK on August , 2013, how could I miss that. I did not searched for any friend or consulted with any I am desperately in mood to listen to him live.

I went there. As I went there I noticed following 8 exciting things @ mangalbazar patan

1. Actually I had left one important meeting to join the conscert and I found it worthly. Life always tests us, tries to put us in mirage images,  obstacles, I say just ignore it, just listen your heart though the mind may say lots of things i just enjoy to  follow  the heart

2. Starting the thing is half done. As in Alchemist of Paulo Coehleo  if you desire something from the heart whole universe will gather to fulfill your heart. Similarly I had thaught how to go fast and timely but I  met friend on the way and we reached timely and perfectly.

960122_599371680128111_1496234470_n3. After the event started, we had a big pillar in front of us that was causing the visual pollution. Slight movement from the place of stay would stop us from seeing the event. Next to me was a student (I did not find any name to give it to him). While I was struggling to get the clear view he was struggling to get the more open space. he pushed me a lot. At first I took it common but he did this repeatedly and I found it annoyed so I started not to give him any space, not a space to move his hands or legs. Sorry to say but I loved it so much that I did not give him the single space instead left the space in the opposite side of him.  So enjoy what you have.

4. Few heads form me was a person with the cap he was really a great fan. He knew all the songs lyrics perfectly I mean perfectly. I know I like Nepathya and I adore him and I know his songs but all in pieces so I thought I must learn some of the songs lyrics.

5. If you give perfect and with clean heart, all will accept you. The crowd was really huge, literally there was not a single space to move the body during the concert time. Youth are really fan of the great singers though there is frequent issue that youth listens to western songs more than the Nepali songs.

6. Never judge the person by the appearance, the circular old styled glass of lead vocalist Amrit Gurung made nothing to do with his vocal and great songs so don’t judge anyone by dress up or appearance. One friends friend whom I thought was a common person with weird hairstyle, so called cool dressup and  nothing special but I was surprised to hear that he was in vacation from china and is specializing in skin after finishing mbbs.

7.It ended almost at eight pm and I was late for the home and I had to pay 100 where it used to take 10 in usual days, I thought I should do it and sometimes fast reacting is most. If I had not reached home at that time I would have got great scolding from not being on time and being careless towards the home. Thanks I did not got any thing.

8. Finally I must learn to do and do and do no matter who says what. This is what Nepathya did and they are rocking our nation.

* photos credit to the nepthya


12 thoughts on “Nepathya concert and the singing mind

      1. Dai Happy new year!!! Nothing special just enjoying with the family and my sister has got the birthday today so we will be together in a family.
        And how about you what are you doing!! Once again Happy new year

      2. Well Kabi, today I have been working on my laptop. I was sorting through lots of documents and updating things. And of course I was always drinking lots of tea. Happy New Year to you Kabi. Will you be drinking this evening ?

      3. drinking at home not allowed hahaha
        There is line at our area for the whole day today so I am also working for a some documents lets see how this goes hahah

      4. not exactly strict but its a tradition and we all respect our tradition and drinking in front of father mother is not a good symbol in our culture hahaha

      5. Something nice about these traditions too. I love Nepali traditions. In Europe things are very different as you might guess. Most parents much prefer their kids to drink at home with them, rather than going outside to unknown places to get drunk. I could have a glass of wine with my parents for special occasions, when I was very young. Well we were poor and couldn’t really afford wine but it happened once or twice a year.

      6. Yes I can imagine that,
        there are few countable such type of family in kathmandu.
        Once I was in friends home as he was going US by getting edv and he had called most of his close friend for togetherness. In the evening his mother served us the wine telling us that if you don’t drink here today i know you will be drinking outside anyway so I will serve u all together with my son. I remember that family always and his father worked for import-export while mother was medical profession so she was open.

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