new friend is the new world

Actually I have few friends and I love to be with them.

Meeting new persons and being a new friend is a good thing.Good in the sense that we are able to get entry into the new world. As Paulo Colho in one of his  novel  tells that  to meet a new person is like getting in to the new earth. More are the probabilities more is the chances of knowing and sharing the new things. Its all lovely.

As we come in contact with the new person we not only meet his physical body but his way of  thinking, the way he thinks, behaves and acts. Its also the fact that as we know him more  we get to know his family and their behavior their attitude and incidents and we are able to explore a new dimension of the life. Eventaully we become so common to that new world that if we see something new and our friend had done that once then we sincronize the situation with that friend and remember of him, we say o my friend was also like that, he use to love this, if he would have been here it would be fabulous!!!!

Sometimes we come in contact with such a person that it feels i should talk to him or her and know their world.

Yesterday, I saw a beautiful girl, I thought to know her world but so sad I didn’t get any threads to start the conversation and before I could finally join her she got off from the bus and I only have image of her in the mind.

I missed one beautiful world that may have many things stored it for me.


7 thoughts on “new friend is the new world

  1. Nice blog, Kabi. I don’t meet new people because I never get on a bus here. When I have to go down to Kathmandu City, Kumar takes me down on the motorcycle. I think I should take more buses and start to meet Nepalis. Write more blogs, Kabi. You are a nice writer.

  2. I hope there is someone in this world more beautiful than the one you missed and you will definitely meet her one day…So be happy…forget the past and live in Present. 🙂

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